How to choose right floor in a high rise building

How to choose right floor in a high rise building
How to choose right floor in a high rise building

It is difficult for first time buyer to choose which floor suits best to their needs. There are many factors that affect yours choose to buy the right floor according to you. Each floor has its advantages and disadvantages. Mostly peoples choose the floor randomly, according to their budgets and because they have no proper guidance about which floor works best for them. We are going to give you a complete guide how to select best floor according to your need.

How to choose right floor in a high rise building

How to choose right floor in a high rise building
How to choose right floor in a high rise building

The Most Important Points To Consider While Choosing The Right floor

  • Evacuation- In situation of emergency like natural disaster, terrorist attack, fire etc. peoples on high floors face very hard time to get out of the building. In earthquake when lifts are not working, if you are at high floor it takes too much time to get down. Especially kids and older aged are mostly effect by this. If you don’t want to face these kind of problems, then forget to buy floor at upper part of the building.
  • Security- Floors at lower level are mostly targeted by criminal. As criminals not want to get trapped by using stairs and lift to get on higher floor. At lower floor it is easy for them to run away after finishing their work. Before buying any floor in a building we suggest you to check all the security measures taken by the builder. If the security is main concern of you than go for higher floor.
  • Accessibility- Accessibility really matters to elderly and handicapped it is difficult for them to get on the high floor. First to fourth floor suits to them floor in lower section of building. Having floor in lower section also suits best to the peoples how didn’t like to use stairs or elevator. If you are also one of those people, then surely go for lower floor.How to choose right floor in a high rise building
  • Affordability- The higher floor with great view are generally more expensive in comparison of floor. If money is an issue for you than surely go that fits in your budget. How to choose right floor in a high rise building
  • View- If you want to have great view whenever you look outside the window, then go with that one which have great view. Mostly higher floor of the building has great view of city. But having floor with great view and on the top if the building is more expensive. Money doesn’t bother you if you get the view that you want. Upper floor near beach really work well if you want to have sea side facing floor.
  • Quiet and clear environment- If you want to breath in less polluted air, then go for high floor because concentration of pollutants is less on higher altitude. Not only you get clean air on top there is less noise of traffic on high floor in comparison of lower floor. Higher floor is good choice if you value peaceful environment. But if you are afraid of height then think twice which floor suits you better.

What Next To Keep In The Mind

Still confuse to decide what goes best according to your need? Now, we are going to tell you a bit about advantages and disadvantages of various floor including Ground floor, middle floor and top floor. This helps you to select the best section of the building according to your need. How to choose right floor in a high rise building

 Ground floor

  • ADVANTAGES: It is perfect choice for physical challenged and elderly people. Since they have no need to use stairs and lifts to get on their floor. Change in temperature also effect is also very miner in these floors, if you want to spend less on air conditioner then surely go for it.
  • DISADVANTAGES: In rainy season or in winter you have to spend lot more in heating, as lower section become cool easily. You also have to tolerate the noise due to traffic and people surrounding your location. The main concern is about thief and robber as lower section is easy target for them and they also flew away with less difficulty through lower section. How to choose right floor in a high rise building

Middle floor

  • ADVANTAGES: Street noise is tolerable at this level. Doing up and down from your floor to ground is not tough compared to the top floor. It is great choice who want to take some benefit of lower section and some of upper section. Less traffic noise and air pollution as compare to lower section. At all it is moderate choice for a buyer. How to choose right floor in a high rise building
  • DISADVANTAGES: Noise from floor above and below may be a concern for you as middle floor is sandwiched between two floors. It tough choice from some to get there stuff up to their floor. The temperature at this floor is not constant so in result you have to pay more to heating and cooling

Top floor

  • ADVANTAGES: There are many advantages of higher floors they are susceptible to theft and pets, there is no problem of noise from traffic and not only this you will also enjoy a great view. But buying a higher floor is bit costlier to your pocket. How to choose right floor in a high rise building
  • DISADVANTAGE: As we all know hot air is lighter and it moves upwards it become the main disadvantage of higher floor. So, you have to spend a lot more on cooling of your floor. Moving groceries and other heavy items to the upper floors is also tough even through the elevator. How to choose right floor in a high rise building

We hope this article will help you to find ideal floor of your choice. Consider all these point mentioned in this article before buying a floor. Please give us your valuable feedback regarding to this article this will really helpful to motivate us to so better than this in future. How to choose right floor in a high rise building

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