Jamnagar: the jewel of Kathiawar

Jamnagar: the jewel of Kathiawar
Reliance Refinary – Jamnagar – Gujrat – India

Situated on the banks of river Rangmati and Nagmati, one of the biggest cities of the western-most part of India-Jamnagar was originally known as Nawanagar. Since the foundation of this city was laid by Jam Sri Rawalji in 1540, the place after a few centuries came to be known as Jamnagar which means the town of Jams.

The city served as a capital of the princely state of Nawanagar, one of the most important princely states of the Saurashtra region. Besides the historical significance, Jamnagar also holds an eminent place in the Hindu mythology. It is believed to be the very place which was Dwarka town built by Lord Krishna as his kingdom.

Another matter of pride that Jamnagar bestows to our country is the world’s largest oil refinery set up by Reliance Industries close to the Moti Khavdi village in Jamnagar district.

Major tourist Attractions

Though this city hasn’t received a lot of weight as a tourist destination, but it offers a myriad of tourist spots for people with varied interests. Be it the scenic lakes, traditional temples, mesmerizing beaches and so many rare species of birds, Jamnagar has it all. Below are the most prominent points of interest for those travelling to Jamnagar.

  • Lakhota Palace and Museum – The fascinatingly beautiful, Lakhota Palace is one historical spot that must be paid a visit while on a trip to Jamnagar. The Jam Dynasty got this fort built in Jamnagar so that it could serve them as a royal arsenal in incidences of war. Located at the center of Lakhota Lake on a small island, it is also house to a small museum known as the Lakhota Museum. It preserves an appreciable collection of sculptures, remains of pottery from medieval era, swords, guns knifes and weapons and diverse artifacts from history.
Jamnagar: the jewel of Kathiawar
Lakhota Palace – Jamnagar – Gujrat – India
  • Darbargadh Palace – Built in 1540, this palace was the residence of the royal family. An impeccable combination of European and Rajput styles of architecture, the palace is decked with carved pillars, sculptures, paintings, mirrors and fretwork jail-screens.
Jamnagar: the jewel of Kathiawar
Darbargadh Palace – Jamnagar – Gujrat – India
  • Bhujio Kotho – Situated on the banks of Lakhota Tank close to the Khambhaliya gate, Bhujio-Kotho is another popular destination for tourists in Jamnagar. This five storied monument was commissioned to act as watch-tower and protect the town from enemies. Owing to its height and circumference, the tower presents a bird’s eye view of entire Jamnagar. The uppermost floor of the tower is a water tank which is beautifully carved in shape of a peacock.
Jamnagar: the jewel of Kathiawar
Bhujio Kotho – Jamnagar – Gujrat – India
  • Bet Dwarka Beach – One of the most dazzling beaches of the country, it is situated at a distance of about 148km from Jamnagar. Located in the Bet Island, the white coloured beach has a plethora of birds flocking at its shores. Other permanent dwellers include porpoise, sea turtles, dolphins, starfish, octopus and sea urchins.
Jamnagar: the jewel of Kathiawar
Dwarka Beach – Jamnagar- Gujrat – India
  • Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary – The biggest bird sanctuary of Gujarat, Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary is located at a distance of about 30km from Jamnagar. A true delight to the eyes of its visitors, the sanctuary is a home to a huge variety of birds. Almost 300 species of migratory birds also drop by the sanctuary every year.
Dwarka Beach - Jamnagar- Gujrat - India
khijadiya Bird Sanctuary – Jamnagar – Gujrat – India

Other places of curiosity for tourists in Jamnagar are

  • Willingdon Crescent
  • Balachadi Beach
  • Bohra Hajira
  • RanjitSagar Dam
  • Rangmati river
  • Ranmal Lake
  • Bala Hanuman Mandir
  • Bhid Bhanjan Temple

Festival and Fairs

The people of Gujarat and different communities residing at Jamnagar are very fond of celebrating all Hindu festivals in a religious and joyful manner. The major events that the people of Jamnagar celebrate with full enthusiasm include, Navratri, Janmashtami and Holi.

They are very fond of celebrating Navratri, which is dedicated to the Goddess Durga and lasts for 9 nights. Navratri celebration is the biggest of all festivals celebrated here. During this time, the whole city of Jamnagar is beautifully decorated and people are full of spirits of festivity. The site of attraction includes various activities including Dandiya Ras, dance parties, gatherings and garba groups doing mesmerizing performances all over. Food also plays an important role during Navratri in form of traditional and cultural delicacies.

Janmashtami Fair is organized in Jamnagar, usually in the month of August to rejoice the birth of Lord Krishna. Devotees and visitors all over the world specially visit Dwarkadish Temple to enjoy this fair.

Holi festival is celebrated here with full rejoice and excitement in the month of mid March. This festival is specially celebrated by the Bhoi community of Jamnagar.

Best Time to Visit

Winter season is the best time to visit Jamnagar between October and February. During this time, the weather is pleasant and one can explore all the major attractions under a cool climate.

How to Reach

Jamnagar is very well connected with major cities like Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Udaipur by road, rail and air.

Air – Jamnagar Airport is 9 Km far from the city centre with well connected flights from Ahmedabad, Vadodra, Mumbai and other major cities of Gujarat. Cabs are easily available from the airport for the city.

Rail – Railway station of Jamnagar if 4 Km from the city with all major trains running and connecting major cities of Gujarat and rest of the country.

Road – The Bus stand at Jamnagar is 2 Km away from the city and is very well connected to other cities like Mumbai, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, etc. Private cars are also available from the bus stand to reach the city comfortably.

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