Junglee Movie Review

Junglee Movie Review
Junglee Movie Review

Are you an animal lover? If yes then this movie will truly make you feel good. Since human beings are God’s most masterpieces, it is their duty to protect the second inhospitable and fading species of the world, protect them. Love animals and protect elephants, basically, the movie of Chal Russell, Director of Hollywood, gives the same message, and also shows that if animals are given love and affection, then they prove to be the most devoted and companions of the human being. Let’s check it out more about it in a discreet manner.

Junglee Movie Review

Junglee Movie Review
Junglee Movie Review
  • Genre –  Action
  • Star Cast –  Vidyut Jammwal,Pooja Sawant,Asha bhat
  • Director – Chuck Russell
  • Rating –  2/5

Story of The Movie 

The story of the film is very simple and easy. Raj Nair (Electrical Jamwal) is a doctor of animals working in the city. After a long time after 10 years, he returns to his home on his mother’s birthday, Orissa, he has to be dual to many new things. In Orissa, her father runs a century that provides protection to elephants. Her followed journalist Meera (Asha Bhatt) also takes her along. She wants to do an article on Raj’s father. His childhood partner Shankara (Puja Sawant) and Forest Officer Dev also have to assist with his father at the house of Raj at the Century. After returning home, Raj is very happy to meet Bhola and sister in elephants of his childhood and remembers the old days when his mother was alive and he was training Kalarippayattu with his mentor (MakrandDeshpande).

Raj, who had fun with the elephants, did not even have the slightest sense that the hunter is seated on his happiest century and elephants. Hunt hunter (AtulKulkarni) for the foreign smugglers of ivory, gets into the century and destroys everything to get elephant teeth. Not only this, he escaped from there by taking the life of the father of elephants Bhola and Raj’s father. Will secrets save elephants? Will he take revenge for his father and killed elephants with smugglers and predators? For this, you have to watch the movie.

Direction of The Movie

Director Chuck Russell is starting his Bollywood innings with ‘Wild’. Chuck Russell, who has given bumper hits like “Mask”, “Scorpion King”, “Eraser” in Hollywood, has caught the pulse of Bollywood correctly. He has also added the Puranas, Mantras and Vignharta Ganesh Bhagwan with Indian values in characters, as well as he has performed his magic in action and emotion.

Cinematography of The Movie 

Cinematographer Mark Irwin’s cinematography, seeing the beautiful forests, rivers and homeless elephants in Orissa, is not less than any visual treat. Action scenes have proved to be astonishing at every level, whether it is a fight sequence to deal with Mumbai’s goons or fight scenes with smugglers and predators in the forest, action director Chung Chi Lee has done a commendable work of praise.

Why Should You Watch This Movie 

  • In the film, the animation and action of the animals have been shown so beautifully that in a short time after watching the movie you get involved with elephants’ names and characters and start understanding their emotions.
  • Guinea-selected films have been made in animals in Bollywood, but the ‘wild’ will not only remind you of Rajesh Khanna’s ‘Hathi My Partner’, but also the scenes of cheerful scenes of nature and the innocence of elephants and their innocence. Action will fascinate you.

Performance oF the Stars 

  • He has done a wonderful job as a Kalaripayattu warrior and companion of elephants. Their agility and flexibility in action scenes make them wonder. He also played emotionally with emotional scenes. The hard work done for the roll shows and makes the character credible.
  • Asha Bhatt and Pooja Sawant have done a debut from the film and both are in their roles. Hope is very cute and Pooja Confident AtulKulkarni has played the role of a killer and smuggler with a different character.
  • Akshay Oberoi and MakrandDeshpande are remembered in their roles. The accompaniment is consistent with the cast film.

In the Last

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go out with friends and enjoy a movie. You will truly enjoy it.

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