Katti batti – Movie Review

Katti batti-movie Review
Katti batti-movie Review

Katti batti is an hindi romantic comedy film directed by nikhil advani and produced by siddharth roy kapur under the banner of utv motion pictures. The film star imran khan and kangana ranaut in the lead roles. “Katti Batti” is Imran’s first release post fatherhood. He and wife Avantika welcomed their first child in June 2014.

Katti batti-movie Review
Katti batti-movie Review

The story of this  KATTI BATTI is Maddy and Payal are in a live-in relationship. Suddenly, Payal leaves but Maddy’s sure Payal still loves him – can Maddy and Payal patch up their katti love-life?

For starters, the film is nowhere close to a new-age romantic drama. Live-in relationship is no more a fascination and hence the writers chose to just show us the couple’s pretty house, cuddly moments in bed, a few fights in front of the guy’s friends and its a wrap. So now you will think there is at least a good love story but unfortunately none of that too.

Somehow Maddy and Payal get into a live-in relationship, but one day the girl leaves him, forever, and the guy is shattered. But he is not scarred for life because somewhere deep down in his heart he knows that Payal can’t be so heartless. And this realisation brings him back to life, but what if Payal is actually merciless? What if she was just toying with the idea of love? What if she was never in love with Maddy?

Maddy is battling post-split depression in a really bad way. His life is a mess, his friends are sympathetic but juvenile and his boss is nothing short of a caricature. After a few really bad gay jokes and suggestive scenes, we meet Ricky (Vivan Bhatena) who has a history with Madhav. This rich Delhi brat describes Payal as a ‘man-eater’ and then goes on to woo her for marriage. However, he is not the only confused character in the film. Madhav’s parents couldn’t guess his friends’ bluff when they organise a drama scene to hide his inebriated state. Imran Khan keeps coming in and out of his drunken condition as per his convenience. He delivers a dialogue in a firm voice and then goes back to his previous self. Ironically, a secondary character describes it as method acting.

Similarly, Payal, whose parents are conspicuously missing from the story, keeps struggling between the two sides of morality. She is college’s notorious pranksters and doesn’t think twice before befooling boys with her charm. But, she also has a super active conscience, so she wouldn’t do that thing before entering into a live-in relationship. She has too many options in life and thus she hasn’t zeroed on any single hobby or pursuit yet.

And, don’t even think for a bit that these characters are confused because they’re written this way. These are developed without any imagination. Madhav and his friend Vinay keep fighting in the middle of their office and nobody reacts. They keep referring to a girl from the same office as ‘someone nice to sleep with’, but nobody cares. But, the world turns upside down the moment Payal gets mentioned.

Maddy comes to Delhi and meets a complete stranger Roger who later turns out to be a pop singer. This guy heads a band called FOSLA (Frustrated One Sided Lovers Association) which has an expertise in organising guerilla musical concerts. Yes, I know, you have heard that term before. It was Dil Dosti Etc in case you haven’t recalled it yet.

Finally Katti Batti is a stale, boring, terribly and insensible film that seems like a mockery at love and relationships. Katti Batti is far from perfection. All the claims of a fresh love-story were false, it doesn’t offer anything. In keeping with the efforts put by Imran Khan and Kangana Ranaut who are the only good things in this film.

  • Cast –  Imran Khan (actor), Kangana Ranaut
  • Producer –  Siddharth Roy Kapur, Nikhil Advani
  • Director –  Nikhil Advani
  • Music by –  Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy
  • Rating –  2.5/5 Stars

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