Kausani – Uttarakhand

Kausani - Uttarakhand
Kausani – Uttarakhand – India

Do not have budget to explore Switzerland? No need to worry. There is a place in India which will let you get showered with marvelous experience as same as Switzerland without pinching your pocket. Yes!!! You got right. We are talking about Kausani which was named by Mahatma Gandhi as Switzerland of India. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bag and get oozed with exceptional feelings. But before heading, check out the whole blog stuffed with essential information.


  • Pant Museum:- For the people who wish to explore this the life of Hindi Poet Sumitranandan Pant in a discreet manner, they must head to Pant Museum. It is situated to the opposite side of the bus stand in Kausani. And the name of this museum is derived from the Hindi Poet Sumitranandan Pant. And that’s why it’s known as Pant Museum. Here, you can explore the awards, articles, letters etc. belong to Pant.
  • Rudradhari Falls and Caves:- it will leave you just speechless. It’s situated amidst paddy fields and terraced hill farms. And the thick pine forest is all set to take you to another world. IF you make as stroll with your family or friends, it will turn into a great memory for throughout the life.
Kausani - Uttarakhand
Rudradhari-Falls-Caves – Kausani – Uttarakhand – India
  • Lakshmi Ashram:- This ashram is fully dedicated to the ladies. It’s adjacent to Anasakti Ashram. It has been established by Catherine Hillman. She changed her name to Sarlaben in 1964. And she was the supporter of Gandhi. It is located one kilometer away from Kausani. This Ashram is dedicated to the development of the rural women of Kumaon region. And women learn here various things like housekeeping, cooking, growing vegetables etc.
Kausani - Uttarakhand
lakshmi-Ashram – Kausani – Uttarakhand – India
  • Anasakti Ashram :- This is another ashram located in Kausani and also known as Gandhi Ashram. Here, you can explore beautiful photographs and his writings. In this Ashram, Mahatama Gandhi stayed for a short time period and wrote Anasakti Yog. And that’s why it got its name Anasakti Ashram.
Kausani - Uttarakhand
Anashakti Ashram – Kausani – Uttarakhand – India
  • Kusani Tea Estate :- You must visit this place which will lift up your mood exceptionally. This tea Estates holds the incredible beauty of Kausani. It covers around an area of 208 hectares. The strong aroma of tea will leave you speechless.
Kausani - Uttarakhand
Kausani Tea Estate – Uttarakhand – India
  • Baijnath:- It is one of the most popular tourist places. Since it is temple, it gets a number of footfalls of the visitors. It is situated about 17 km from Kausani. It’s amazing and beautiful and you must not skip Baijnatth temple.
Kausani - Uttarakhand
Baijnath Temple – Kausani – Uttarakhand – India
  • Chaukori:- Do you wish to take a beautiful view of the Himalaya’s height, then you must head towards Chaukori. Here, you will experience magnificent Sunset and Sunrise view of the Himalayas.
  • Someshwar Temple: – This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It was established by the founder of the Chand Dynasty. Every year, many people come to visit this temple. If you wish to get overwhelmed with the spirituality in a unique manner, then you must visit Someshwar Temple.
Kausani - Uttarakhand
Someshwar Temple – Kausani – Uttarakhand – India
  • Rudrahari Mahadev Temple:- Kausani is blessed a number of magnificent temples and Rudrahari Mahadev Temple is the next in this list. It has made after carving out an ancient cave. This marvelous temple is located at the banks of River Kosi. As per mythology, this temple is situated at the place where an ancient Indian mystic named Rishi Kaushik meditates for a long time. And that’s why it’s very sacred.
  • Kot Bhramari Temple: – it is pretty much popular among the visitors. It’s situated on the top of a hill within a fort. Kot Bhramari Temple is also known as Kote-ke-mai.
  • Planet Show: – Yes!!! You must not skip this amazing Planet Show. This is the perfect show for the people who hold great interest in science or the space.


Many of you may be looking for the famous festival of Kausani in order to add more value to your visit. In this section, we are going to explore some of the prominent fair and festivals of Kuasani. Let’s check it out. The biggest festival is Uttarayani and it is celebrated with a great pomp and show. It is celebrated every year in the month of January. There are many visitors who always come to take part in this festival. Apart from Uttarayani, there are many festivals which hold great significance like Kartik Purnima, Shivratri, Holi, New Year, Losar, Makar Sankranti, Christmas etc. In order to explore the culture of Kausani, nothing can be greater rather than taking part in these festivals.


  • Shopping in Kausani:- You must make a stroll on the Mall Road as there are many shops serve a wide collection of magnificent quilts, bags, pullover, gloves and much more. And the great things is that they are made by women at the Sarla Ashram.
  • Have some Adventure: – Those who love to add some more fun to their journey can go for various activities like rock climbing, exploring tea gardens, trekking etc.
  • What after exploring Kausani:- You may head to Almora if you have explored Kausani and wish to go along with the nearby places.


And the best time to visit Kausani start in between the month of March to May. And it is just about to knock the door. If you are muddling over where to visit then this time you must add Kausani in your list. During March to May, the weather remains pleasant enough to explore the beautifull place. Here, you can explore outstanding waterfalls, thick pine forests, the meadows and much more.


  • By Air –  Naini Saini, Dehra Dun Airport, Pantnagar and IGI are closest nearest Airport. As per your convenience, you may choose. Taxi service is available outside of the Airport.
  • By Rail –  Kausani does not holds it’s own railway station and the nearest railway station are Kathgodam and Haldwani. And major cities of the country still not engaged to serve regular service.
  • By Road –  Kausani is well connected to the popular spots like Almora, Gwaldam, Ranikhet, Pilthoragrah and Nainital through roadway. And the Regular service is available.

So, what are you waiting for? Summer vacation is just about to reach and you must choose Kausani as your next visit. And Yes!!! Do not forget to share your experience with us after coming back.

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