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Khatu Shyam Ji is an important religious destination that is situated in district of Sikkar in state of Rajasthan, at a distance of 17 km from Reengus. It is one of the most important pilgrim centres of Rajasthan. The temple has a lot of significance for many people from the Hindu religious community and other parts of the country. The village is home to the famous Shyam Baba.

Khatu Shyamji temple

Khatushyamji’s temple, constructed of the famous Makrana marble, is in the heart of the town. Khatushyamji is considered to be the God of the Kaliyuga. Shyamji is synonymous with Krishna and thus, he is worshipped in the same form. He is also known as khatu Naresh, Sheesh ke dani, Lakhdatar, Teen baan dhari, Haare ke sahare, Leley ke aswari, Baba shyam etc.

In Hindu mythology, Khatushyamji is a name and manifestation of Barbarika, son of Ghatotkacha. Barbarika had obtained a boon from Lord Krishna that he would be known by Krishna’s own name (Shyam) and worshipped in the Kaliyuga era. Krishna declared that Barbarika’s devotees would be blessed just by pronouncing his name from the bottom of their hearts. Their wishes would be granted and troubles removed if they worship Shyamji (Barbarika) with a true piety.

The main attraction of this Khatu Shyam Ji temple is that the fair is held in the month of February and March. The fair generally took place in the month of February and March. It occurs during the Phalgun Dashmi and lasts for a period of three days.

Shyam kund

Shyam Kund  It is the holy pond near the temple from which the Sheesh (Head) was retrieved. It is believed that a dip in this pond cures a person from ailments and brings good health. People come at Falgun Mela from various places here and assume sacred after taking bath. People take water from here which they use to remove several diseases.
Shyam Bagichi A blessed garden near the temple from where the flowers are picked to be offered to the deity. The great devotee Lt. Alu Singhji’s Samadhi is also located within the garden in the premises.

Gourishankar Temple – This is a Shiva temple which is near Khatushyamji’s temple. There is a legend that the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb’s soldiers wanted to destroy this temple and they attacked the Shiva lingam enshrined within this temple with their spears. Immediately, fountains of blood appeared from the Shiva Linga. The soldiers ran away, terrified. One can still see the mark of the spear on the Lingam.

Where to stay — Accomodation

There are some basic hotels in Khatu and large number of Dharamshalas and Vishram Grihas fully equipped with boarding and lodging facilities are also there. These are maintained by various organizations. Some of them even have delux rooms with attached bathrooms, geysers, air-coolers and air-conditioners. The boarding is generally free of cost.

Following is the list of some of the prominent Dharamshalas or VGs in and around Khatu

  •  Shree Shyam Seva Mandal
  •  Shree Shyam Mitra Mandal
  •  Shree Shyam Panchayati Dharamshala
  •  Shree Shyam Kala Bhavan
  •  Parasramka Guest House
  •  Rewadi walon ki Dharamshala
  •  Garh walon ki Dharamshala
  •  Haryana Dharamshala
  •  Shree Shyam Prem Mandal.

Khatu Shyam Temple

Due to heavy rush during the Falgun Mela , accomodation is very difficult so if some one planning to go there , he should arrange for pre-booking of the rooms by contacting the respective offices of these organisations.

How to reach Khatu Shyamji

By Train: The Sikar Railway Station is the closest railhead and is located around 50 kilometers away from the temple. It is well-connected to places such as Bikaner, Jaipur, Churu and Sowkawati region.

By Air:The Sanganer Airport in Jaipur is the closest airport to Khatu Shyamji. The Jaipur International Airport is well-connected to the Delhi International Airport. From Jaipur airport, one has to hire a taxi to reach Khatu Shyamji Temple.

By Road:The National Highway number 8, National Highway 10 and National highway 709 connect Delhi to Khatu Shyamji Temple, Chirawa. The town is situated at a distance of 48 kilometers away from the town of Sikar and around 150 kilometers from the city of Jaipur.

Location – Khatu Shyam (Reengus) Sikar

Dedicated to – Krishna

Main Attraction – Khatushyamji’s temple ,Shyam Kund , Shyam Bagichi , Gourishankar Temple

Main Festival and Fair – Falgun Festival Mela in feb /march

How to reach by Air Nearest airport – Jaipur

How to reach by Rail Nearest railway station – Sikar

How to reach by Road  – Well connected by road with the major and metro cities

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