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Kissebaaz movie review
Kissebaaz movie review

Do you love movies that come up something related to crime, gangwar, fights and so on? If yes then you should go ahead with Kissebaaz. This movie will truly make you fall in love with it. Are you going to watch it then you should check out the Kissebaaz Movie Review first? What is all about its story, direction, cast and so on more like this?r

Kissebaaz Movie Review | Hindi Bollywood Movies | Movie Counter | HD Movies Download

Kissebaaz movie review
Kissebaaz movie review
  • Genre – Drama, Action
  • Star Cast – Pankaj Tripathi, Rahul Bagga, Rajesh Sharma, Zakir Hussain, Evelyn Sharma
  • Director – Annant Jaaitpaal
  • Rating –  2/5

Story of Kissebaaz Movie

Harsh is not more than a small-town Romeo who is madly in love with the Naina. He holds selfless love for her and can go to any extent. He transforms into a vindictive person. This movie will entertain people who love this kind of genre. The movie shows that Shukla (Rajesh Shula) and Pandey (Zakir Hussein) used to be a great buddy and partners-in-crime.But something happened between them that made both of them go against each-other. One is indulged in crime while another one wishes to be a prominent political figure. But who is the master-mind behind all this? You will get to know only when head to the theater.

Direction of Kissebaaz Movie

Director Annant Jaaitpaal did a great job and enough to impress the audience. He directed this political drama-turned-revenge saga quite beautifully and all set to keep you stick with the chair until the film is over. Though the movie went a bit long it is not boring at all. Saying would not wrong that it is one long and painful movie revolving all around passionate love. Though at some phases, the movie gets a bit cliché and boring.

Performance of Kissebaaz 

You will have the best actors and their amazing performance in this movie such as Pankaj Tripathi. Moreover, we all know how excellent he is at playing his role. You will also see Anupriya Goenka who does not leave any stone unturned. She put the best efforts to have rendered good performances as village rustics. Apart from it, other actors also did a great job. They will truly impress you with their amazing performance.

What Is Negative About Kissebaaz

The script of the movie comes up with some negative points. First, the writer could have done a better job than this. The movie went a bit longer that makes it a bit unbearable. The movie leaves the audience with a lot of questions and confusions. You may try to find out the answer that a stranger could assume someone’s identity so easily.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and choose the best movie to enjoy your life.

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