Kota – Rajasthan

Kota - Rajasthan
Chambal River -Kota -Rajasthan – India

Hello Guys!!! I hope you all have been doing well. Today, we are going to get embark on the adventures journey of Education City of India. Have you got confused? It’s being talked about Kota. Yes!!! You got right Kota, the largest city of Rajasthan, is also known as the Education City of India because of having a number of engineering and medical exam institutes, college and universities.

For visitors, Kota has a number of magnificent forts, palaces, enthralling lands, heart-touching natural beauty and so on. But before visiting Kota, you must go through this blog which is going to explore popular place, things to do, the best timing and much more in order to make your journeys memorable. Let’s check it out.


Here, we are going to cite some of the very popular places of Kota. And skipping them means you are going to avoid a wide chunk of adventure. Take a look.

  • Seven Wonders Park:- have you ever imagined to see the world’s seven wonders in one go? But yes!!! you can take a glimpse of the seven wonders of the world at Seven Wonders Park at Kota. It’s newly opened park where you can see the enthralling replicas of world famous Taj Mahal, Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer, Pyramids of Egypt, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty and Rome’s Colosseum.
Kota - Rajasthan
Seven wonder – Kota – Rajasthan – India
  • Haveli of Devtaji:- People who always wish to have a close look of life style of Rajput Rulers, must make a stroll at Haveli of Devtaji. Huge room, breath taking paintings on the walls will leave you speechless. The bravery of Rajput rulers can be seen through these paintings.
Kota - Rajasthan
Haveli of Devtaji – Kota – Rajasthan – India
  • Jag Mandir, Kishore Sagar: – A place where you can find incredible peace to pamper your soul. The temple is surrounded by the waters of the Kishore Sagar. Whether you wish to go there in order to take a marvellous look of a palace on waters or wish to get blessed, the royal Jag Mandir welcomes you for both of reasons. This breath-taking temple is made from red sandstone. Though the lake is artificial, even then you will not mind it as it is truly eye-catching. It was constructed by Prince Dehra Deh, Bundi in 1346.
Kota - Rajasthan
Jagmandir Palace – Kota – Rajasthan – India
  • Maharao Madho Singh Museum: – This museum is widely known for preserving the amalgamation of Kota’s culture and architecture both at the same place. Exploring Maharao Madho Singh Museum will take you in the depth Raputana life style as here you can find a wide array of knives, bows, pistols, rifles, swords, etc. Besides it, you can also take a glimpse of Rajput miniature paintings.
Kota - Rajasthan
Rao-Madho-Singh-Museum-in-Kota – Rajasthan – India
  • Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary: – Apart from museum, temple and fort, Kota also hold a wildlife sanctuary namely Darrah. It covers 250 sq. km and you can see here different species like Panthers, Leopards, Bears, Elephants, deer, Sambhars, Antelopes and so on. This sanctuary is enough to enthral you.
Kota - Rajasthan
Darrah-Sanctuary-kota- Rajasthan – India
  • Garardia Mahadev Temple: – This temple is widely popular in India and among the foreign tourists as well. This temple belongs to Lord Shiva and it’s visited by a number of local and foreign tourists every year.
  • City Fort Palace:- This is another museum situated adjacent to Maharao Madho Singh Museum. After exploring Maharao Madho Singh Museum, don’t forget to go along with the artefacts associate to the Kota rulers and the incredible collection is available at city fort palace.
  • Chambal Garden:- Since it located at the bank of River Chambal, known as Chambal Garden. This outstanding Garden add a glam to the journey of Kota. Eye-catching Greenery, pond having a number of crocodiles and shaky bridge are some of the excellent features which does not allow the tourist go back without making a visit at Chambal Garden. And that’s why this garden never gets alone as it gets a number of footfalls every day.


Kota - Rajasthan
Chmbal Garden kota – Rajasthan – India
  • Kota Government Museum:- Kota is blessed with a number of museums and Kota Government Museum is one of them. Here, you can have a glimpse of various rare coins, manuscripts and wide collection of sculptures.

Best time to visit

You must schedule your trip to Kota between the months of October and March. Since this time is considered pleasing months to visit Kota, you may find a heavy crowd in hotels and that’s why it’s advised to book your ticket in advance.


There are various things to do in Kota right from having fun, shopping, eating and much more. Take a look what you must not skip during your journey.

  • Sawan Phuhar Waterpark:- For fun lovers, this waterpark is very important. You can spend quality time with your family and friends. This waterpark can play a wider role to make your journey memorable.
  • Rock Painting:- Don’t forget to see Rock Painting if you wish to experience something different. It’s located 25 km away from Kota on the bank of Alaniya. The beautiful rock paintings will steal your heart.
  • Kaithoon: – Indian women are known for their love for Saris. And you can rejuvenate you wardrobe if add stunning Kota Doria saris which is also known as hand woven saris. Kaithoon is very popular among the Fashionistas crazy about this apparel.
  • Swintons Bar: – You can also make a stroll at the Swintons Bar to spice up your journey. Visiting Swintons Bar can add more colour to your journey.
  • City Mall and Pandya Groups City Mall:- For shopping lovers and foodies, City Mall and Pandya Groups City Mall are perfect places.


  • By Air: – Sanganer Airport is the nearest Airport situated at Jaipur. Taxi and cab facilities are available. You may hire them to reach the desired destination.
  • By Train: – Kota is well-connected to the major cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur etc., by train. Sawai Madhopur covers the distance between Mumbai and Delhi. Regular train service is served by Superfast and Rajdhani train.
  • By Road:- Kota is also connected by Road to the major cities like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh etc.,
    So, what are you waiting for? Would not you love to explore the wonderful places, forts, museum, shopping areas of this education city of India? And yes!!! After coming back, don’t forget to share your experience. We are eagerly waiting. Till then Have a Journey…..

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