Kurseong – West Bengal

Kurseong - West Bengal
Kurseong – West Bengal

Kurseong is one of the most preferred places by the visitors. It would definitely go along with the taste of all kinds of travellers. Whether you are going along with the kids, family or your lover, this place is perfect to explore. If you have been contemplating for a lovely place where you can spend a quality time to refresh your mood, Kurseong is perfect to choose for hangout.Kurseong – West Bengal

Kurseong – West Bengal

Kurseong - West Bengal
Kurseong locality

Here, we are going to bring the essential information which is required to know before heading Kurseong. Let’s check it out. Kurseong – West Bengal

The Best Places To Visit In Kurseong

  1. Forests Museum – Have you heard about the forests museum? No!!! Here you can go to explore forests museum. This amazing forest museum is maintained by the forest department. For the nature lovers, it is an amazing place to head. Here, you can see a number of animals which you cannot find anywhere else.
  2. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Museum – Kurseong holds a railway museum too. It is maintained in an amazing manner and that’s why it attracts a number of visitors. There is a total number of three DHR museums. This museum is loaded with amazing pictures, miniature structure of trains and so on. Here, you can also enjoy the toy train. Kurseong – West Bengal
  3. Deer Park – This amazing Deer Park is located in the Dow Hill area. It has always been a major point to attract the visitors. Here, you can see various deer roaming around the deer park.
  4. Tea Gardens – Strolling in tea garden is a wonderful thing as it makes your mood within no time. Here, you must explore the two big tea estates namely Ambootia or Makalibari. It offers a great experience to you. Those who have been looking for the tranquillity of the mind must go for this place. Here, you can accumulate a lot of knowledge about the art, science and history behind the tea processing. If you are eager to know about it, you must come here. To make your journey memorable, you must take part in tea-tasting sessions.
  5. Ambotia Shiva Mandir – Do you wish to make a stroll at a place where you can go along with the peace of mind? Heading to Ambotia Shiva Mandir would be right to choose. In Kurseong, this temple is very popular. It is known on a large scale because of its significant religious importance. People come here all around the country to take the blessings. It is adjacent to orange orchard which add a spark to the beauty of the temple.
  6. Eagle’s Craig – Who would not love to take the panoramic view of the Siliguri plains? Of course, everyone will love to see. So, what are you waiting for? Come at this point and go along with the beauty of the nature. Here, evening looks very amazing. Kurseong – West Bengal
  7. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose – If you are impress from Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose then it is worth to visit this museum dedicated to the ideal individual Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. It is established in the house of Netaji’s elder brother. This museum is loaded with the unique articles, documents and pictures belong to him. Exploring this museum is great for them who have great interesting in knowing history.
  8. Churches – There is a number of churches in Kurseong like ST. Andrew’s Church, ST. Paul’s Church and St. Mary’s Hill Church. You must go for exploring it. Kurseong – West Bengal

Things To Do In Kurseong

There is a number of things to do in Kurseong. Here we are going to explore them in detail. If you are going to visit Kurseong, you must try all these to add more fun to your journey. Kurseong – West Bengal

  • Kurseong is adjacent to Mirik. So, if you wish to go out of Kurseong to visit the new place then you may go ahead as it is just 10 kms away. In order to make your journey memorable, you must step in place adjacent to Kurseong. Kurseong – West Bengal
  • You must try the different kind of outdoor activities in Kurseong. There are many small treks around the town. When you go through these small treks, you will see and enjoy the lush green and wonderful forests.
  • Do not forget to do shopping. In the local markets, different kind of things are available at a reasonable price which is perfect to buy and gift to your friends. A wide array of tea is available which you must buy. Every time when you prepare tea will get slip in the wonderful aura of Kurseong. Kurseong – West Bengal
  • Do you love to taste different kind of food? Here is a lot of things to taste to jazz up your mood like Momos, Dumplings, Thukpa noodle soup and so on. Kurseong – West Bengal

The Best Time To Visit Kurseong

If you wish to explore Kurseong, you must go in between the months of February and December. During this time, the weather remains lovely and comfortable. So, you would not feel any kind of problem in order to explore this lovely place. To explore this place, it take 2 to 3 days. Kurseong – West Bengal

Where To Stay

No need to think much about it as there is a number of good hotels and lodges to stay. You may find a number of hotels in the main market area. So, what are you waiting for? Go and browse on internet to book your room.

How To Reach 

  • By Air – Bagdogra is the nearest airport which is situated 60 km away. Kurseong has no airport. It is only Bagdogra which is nearby airport. To reach Bagdogra, cab service is available from Kurseong.
  • By Train – The nearest railhead is Jalpaiguri located 57 km away from Kurseong. If it is convenient to you, then you may reach here by train. Kurseong – West Bengal
  • By Bus – Kurseong is well connected to the nearby town through road. Bus and cab service is available to serve you the best service. Kurseong – West Bengal

So, how was the article? I hope if you have get enough knowledge about Kurseong. Please excuse if something important has skipped or ignored in this content. Kurseong – West Bengal

If you are going to visit Kurseong or have already visited then do not forget to share your feedback with us.
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