Lakshadweep tourism agatti airfield
Lakshadweep tourism agatti airfield

Lakshadweep used to know as the Laccadive, Minicoy, and Aminidivi Islands. It is a group of islands in the Laccadive Sea, 200 to 440 kilometres (120 to 270 mi) off the south-western shore of India. The archipelago is a Union Territory and is administered by the Union Government of India. The word Lakshadweep comes from Sanskrit dictionary and which means one hundred thousand islands in Sanskrit.

A bit About Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep Islands, the independent union territory carried out of coral reefs is the best-known tourist destination in India. Enchanting view scenes in Lakshadweep make the land a real heaven on earth. The land is a combination of gorgeous islands shimmering with sandy beaches, crystal clear simple water, coral reefs, coconut palms, and lagoons.

A Rich selection of flora and fauna defined in this delightful ecosystem makes the place a wonderland. Lakshadweep Islands mean one lakh islands combined with three reefs, twelve atolls bank and five engulfed. Kadmat, Kalpeni, Amini, Agatti, Andrott, Chetlat, Bitra, Kavaratti, Minicoy and Kitlan are the ten resided islands among Lakshadweep Islands. Arab and Hindu culture are mostly followed by individuals residing in Lakshadweep Islands.

Places to visit in Lakshadweep

From the several places to visit in Lakshadweep below is our list of places to visit.

  • Kadmat- Also recognized as Cardamom Island, the Kadmat Island is situated on a coral reef and is perceived for its shallow shores that are loaded with marine life. The enormous lagoon positioned towards the west of the island makes it a famous tourist destination.
    Kadmat island -lakshadweep
    Kadmat island -lakshadweep
  • Kavaratti Island- The most advanced island in Lakshadweep, Kavaratti also assists as the official capital of Lakshadweep. The island is recognized for its crystal blue waters and sandy white beaches secluded lagoons. Swimming and Watersports can be experienced at the beaches and is visited by a large number of tourists.
    Kavaratti lakshadweep -India
    Kavaratti lakshadweep -India
  • Kalpeni- Isolated and secluded, Kalpeni is identified by its amazing beaches. One can swim or sunbath in the waters or enjoy Watersports like scuba diving and snorkel here. The white sandy shores with shallow water are the perfect destination for a vacation with friends.
  • Bangaram Atoll- Recognized for its coral reefs, Bangaram is one of the greatly visited islands in the Lakshadweep. Bangaram is apprehended to be the only island where consumption of alcohol is permitted. It is close to the Agatti aerodrome where routine flights to Kochi can be availed. Bangaram is also renowned for its calm and clean beaches.
  • Agatti Island- With a preponderance of Muslim society, the Island is said to have been visited by the Arabian traveler. The island, opposite to others, isn’t readily accessible as one would need to receive a special permit from the Government and is given only to visitors who have a confirmed place to stay.
    Agatt island lakshadweep -India
    Agatt island lakshadweep -India
  • Minicoy Islands – Situated at the southernmost spur of the Lakshadweep islands, Minicoy Islands are frequently called Malikau by the locals. The island was said to be the old capital of Lakshadweep and was entitled Malikau by the Arabian Traders. The place is popular for its shores and a lighthouse that was built in 1885. The island is also popular for its Maldives influences art and cuisine.
  • Canoeing, Minicoy Island- As water is copious and clearly seen as the blue-green water around this island, also being near to Maldives, various activities are conducted here. One of the activity is Canoeing, which everyone would recommend as you can see various corals, turtles and several colorful fishes following you, while you row. As the depth of water is only 2 meters around the island, you are clearly not going to fall in the water. When the sun heats the water beneath and silver sand, the water looks like a jewel.
  • Island filled with Hermit Crab, Parelli Island- This spectacle could be scary or even arousing. You would be cruising across a number of hermit crabs, from various sizes to color while you go from Tinnakara Island in a jetty. There is the time when the water is so low and you can actually walk to this desolate island. When you find yourself alone on this island and surrounded by various enigmatic birds, crabs, shells, coconut trees, etc., you might discover even a shell entailing pearl, and you automatically do not want to return back to the wearisome city life.
  • Pitti Island, Agatti – Pitti Island is a meagre desolate island by the Agatti Island in the Lakshadweep archipelago and is a portion of the Pitti bank. Pitti Island and Amini Island is a portion of the sunken atoll, which is also well recognized for the species of birds
  • Minicoy, Juma Masjid- Juma Masjid is situated in the Minicoy Island of Lakshadweep and is of spiritual, as well as historic value. It is considered to have been built during the medieval period and has a rich array of rare artifacts.

Important Things You Keep In Mind While Going To Port Blair

Every time when you visit to any remote Tropical Island there are few things that you should always carry with you, like:

  • Sunscreen – The salt in the air and the tropical sun may add to sunburns of skin. Carrying a sunscreen with lasting results is advisable.
  • Mosquito repellent – The tropical forest region is well known for its’ mosquito and insect heterogeneity. An insect repellent would be handy.
  • Flip flops – For the best time walking in the beach flip flops are suggested. High heels on a beach walk could cause trouble.
  • Swimwear – Remember, relaxing sessions on the beach are going to be a normal thing while here. Swimming in the blue waters when on the Islands is highly praised.

How To Reach Lakshadweep By Air, By Ship, By Road

  • By Air- There is an airport in Agatti, which is commonly connected by flights from Kochi (Cochin) Kerala. The international airport of Kochi is well connected with all the major cities. Also, the Pawan Hans helicopter service is also afforded to visit the islands.
  • By Sea- Going by ship is also a nice option to reach Lakshadweep. Various passenger ships run from Kochi (Cochin) to Lakshadweep. The distance can be travelled in approximately 18 to 20 hours.
  • By road- For all the road trip lovers, You can reach to Lakshadweep by road depending on the place you are going from. Cabs, buses, and hired taxis can be used to reach Lakshadweep from several cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, etc.

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