Lotus Temple – South Delhi

Lotus Temple - South Delhi
Lotus Temple – South Delhi

With several architectural excellence awards to its credit, the Lotus Temple – South Delhi, is perhaps the most captivating of all the temples in our country. The seventh Bahai temple of the world has come to be known as Lotus temple because of its Lotus shaped structure. The glory of its beauty and fame can easily be judged from the fact that it is the most visited edifices of the world. The number of people visiting Lotus Temple even surpasses the number of people visiting Taj Mahal and Eiffel Tower each year. The temple even holds several World Records for this fact.

Lotus_Temple_ South Delhi_India
Lotus Temple

Renowned for its magnificent architecture, the temple took 6 years to get constructed and was thereafter opened for public in the year 1986. This immense formation came out as a result of amalgamation of modern western engineering and traditional Indian mechanism of construction. Its shape is that of a half-opened Lotus, which also happens to be the national flower of our country. Number 9 holds great sanctity in the Bahai culture. And to denote its significance, there are 9 doors which lead to the main hall. It also signifies that all the nine religions are committed to the same God. The ambience of this hall is so calm and peaceful that it feels all the prayers made here reach to God directly without any disturbance created by the outer world.

This entire structure which stands on a raised platform is bound by nine ponds. Surrounding this structure are large and nice green gardens where visitors can sit, roam around or simply adore the beauty and grandeur of the Lotus Bahai Temple.

Temple prayers and timings

Lotus temple remains open on all days of the week except for Monday from 9 in the morning to 7 in the evening during summers. During winters it opens from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. A unique factor of this temple is that not sermons and prayers are practiced here. The only tradition that exists and is followed religiously here is to maintain silence in the hall.

  • Location → South Delhi
  • Dedicated to → This is a Bahai temple. It is not dedicated to any particular God or Goddess.
  • Main Attraction → Lotus shaped building and architectural excellence
  • Best time to visit → October to March

How to reach       Lotus Temple – South Delhi

  • By Air → Delhi has an international airport of its own which has regular flights to and from not only the entire country but all parts of the world too. So getting to the national capital by air is quite convenient.
  • By Rail→ Delhi has several railway stations and a well developed network of trains plying from them. The city has trains to and from almost all corners of the country.
  • By Road → Buses, trains, metros, autos, taxis etc. are the numerous ways people can move around while they are in the city. For reaching Delhi by road, state as well as private transport buses can be taken from all the cities and towns of northern India and other close by states.

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