Meditation or vacation which is better

Meditation or vacation

Are you feeling confused which is better to opt out if Meditation or Vacation? Mostly we look for vacation to refresh our self. But only few choose meditation to utilize their free time. It is enough to make you a bit confuse which is better. This time we are going to light up all the benefits of meditation and vacation. Let’s check it out.

Meditation or vacation which is better

Meditation or vacation which is better

Let’s Go first With Meditation

Meditation just not only relax your body but it also benefits your body both directly and indirectly. The best you can get from meditation when you regular practice, five to ten minutes a day. Now we are going to explore the five benefits off meditation: Meditation or vacation which is better

  • Improve Concentration – To do best in work we all need to concentrate to make best from us. Meditation helps us to learn how to concentration, it dramatically increases the concentration of our mind. If we learn once when we get caught up in thoughts, how to concentrate on our breath and stay focused on it. Than we can apply this principal to other field of work in our life as well. By regular meditation we can achieve the perfect in art of concentration. Meditation or vacation which is better
  • Pain relief – Peoples who are suffering from chronic conditions can reduce their pain by regular practice of meditation. In recent experiment it is proven that if a person focuses on his physical sensation from certain parts of their bodies than it is helpful to avoid pain from other part of body.
  • Boost your creativity – Creativity is only effected by the way you think. Mostly of us work under pressure, most of you noticed that in the morning when our mind is fresh we work very efficiently. On the other hand, at the end of day we are not working with that efficiency. Meditation is very helpful on that time, in simple words doing meditation for 10 minutes hits the reset button of your mind. It makes you fell refreshed and you start enjoying your work again. Meditation or vacation which is better
  • Improves immunity – The main purpose of doing meditation it helps you to relax. But there are many other benefits that are not directs but it helps you to improve your overall health. Having stress throughout the day result in weak immunity. If you practice meditation regularly than it reduces the amount of stress- related chemical that means better immunity to fight from germs etc. Meditation or vacation which is better
  • Improves Self-acceptance – When we meditate we become aware of ourselves, it helps us to controller our thoughts. We get control over the bad thoughts that can in our mind randomly. It also helps to make a different perspective about ourselves, helps in understanding ourselves better and how we react to our feeling and emotions.

Now, It Is Time To Put Light On Vacation

Meditation or vacation which is better

Now let talk about the benefits of going on vacations. Vacation are also a great way to refresh and re energized yourself. Vacation makes us to feel free and feel alive. Mood plays an important role in the kind of life we live, if we are happy we make other happy too. A good vacation plays an important role in in boosting our mood.  Mostly everyone wants a great vacation to enjoy their life. In this section we are going to count all the benefits of vacation:

  • Improve Relationship – If we plan a vacation with our family than it is really helpful to understand everyone better and not only this, it also strength the bond in between every member of family.
  • Increases Productivity – In a recent study, it is found that after a vacation peoples become more responsible and work with great zeal. Vacation helps than to become more productive at their work place, as it allows them to return to work fully refocused and refreshed.
  • Reduce stress – When we are at vacation, we have different routine than our daily life routine. The main reason behind stress is the pressure of work load. At vacation we are free from our duties and work pressure that make our mind free from all worries.
  • Improve your health – If you are planning a vacation on hill station or on mountain etc. The natural environment helps in benefits your health. Outdoor sports like river rafting, mountain climbing etc., have positive impact on your health.Meditation or vacation which is better

If You Are Still Confused, which is better?

What you think meditation or vacation, which is better? What makes you more refreshed and joyful? In recent studies, it has proven that meditation helps you to improve mood and lower stress levels and also make positive effect on your mental health. Vacation is also a good option for make you refreshed, but meditation has emerged as the best and cheaper than vacation. It is also proven in recent studies conducted by researches of University of California, Harvard Medical School and University of San Francisco.Meditation or vacation which is better

In their study, 94 healthy women are recruited aged from 30-60 years. Researchers collected the blood sample of all the women. From the group of 94 women, 30 are regular and experienced meditators. And from group of remaining 64 women half of the women are selected to enjoy simple vacation, while other enrolled in meditation training program which involves classes from mantra meditation, yoga and self- reflection.

After six month, researchers again collected blood of participant to understand what changes were occurring in their body biological. The result shows some differences in their molecular makeup, the most significant changes occurs in molecular pathways related to immune system function and stress response. Meditation or vacation which is better

Meditation benefits the participants in many ways like improved digestion, normal blood pressure, moderate heart rate, boost up energy level and better immunity. It also helps in making them mentally fit persons meditates regularly have lesser chance of get depressed and fewer symptoms of mental illness. Mental fitness has direct impact on our physical health. The way we think has direct impact on our life. Meditation or vacation which is better

Regular meditation helps you to overcome from all negative thoughts. So, meditation is much cheaper and better than vacation to understand yourself better, makes you thought positive, relax your mind and body. We hope this article provided you enough info to let u decide what suits better to you to reduce your stress. Stay tuned to read all informative and useful content.Meditation or vacation which is better

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