Motu Patlu Movie Review | Motu Patlu Download | Motu Patlu Episode | Motu Patlu online

Motu Patlu movie review
Motu Patlu movie review

So, do you love animated movie? And what about if it is Indian Movie? Yes!!! You got right. We are talking about the recently released Indian animated movie Motu Patlu. If you are thinking that it is only for the kids then you are wrong since it is being appreciated among the adults as well. This time you may spend quality time with your kids. Let’s check out all about in Motu Patlu Movie Review in detail manner.

Motu Patlu Movie Review | Motu Patlu Download | Motu Patlu Episode | Motu Patlu online

Motu Patlu movie review
Motu Patlu movie review
  • Genre – Animation
  • Star Cast – (Voices) Vinay Shukla (Guddu), Sourav Chakraborty (Motu, Patlu, Dr. Jhatka, Chingam, Ghaseta)
  • Director – Suhas D Kadav
  • Rating –  3 /5

Story of Motu Patlu

The story revolves around two selfless people namely Motu and Patlu. They are pet lovers and that is why always get indulged in the cases that belongs to animals’ right in the wild. They take charge of the wild to take care other animals as the king of jungle i.e. lion is killed by a hunter. And it is the point that narrates the story of this animated movie.

There is another lion that has got fed up of performing the tricks indicated by his master in a circus. To get rid the bogus life, he runs away from there and reach to jungle. Now, how Motu and Patlu takes his help in order to save the life of other animals. In short, it can be said that the story is fully loaded with a number of positive things.

Direction and Animation of Motu Patlu

It is directed by Suhash Kadav and we have to appreciate that he did a great job showing his imagination.  Not only this, but Ketan Mehta’s company Digital Studio did his best to prepare Animation. In this connection, it can be said that it is good to go with kids. It is good for as they also learn watching this film that they would not get reading books.

Why Should You Watch Motu Patlu

If you wish to go with your kids for the movie where they can learn and enjoy at the same time. This animated movie comes with the great fusion of message and entertainment. The two widely known character will teach your kids a lot which you always want.

Why should you always go with the animated movie made out of India? Now, there is something that can make you proud to say that is an Indian animated movie having great graphics, story and sounds. Everything is just perfect and would not let you down at any rate. The great thing about this movie is that it comes with the timely issues of human destroying the environment. There are many issues that have been portrayed beautifully.

It is required to mention that this movie comes with great imagination, story and animation. You would not feel before while watching this. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to head theatre with your kids to bring a broad grin on their face. And the most important thing is that do not forget to share your feedback with us.

We have been waiting here of your value able feedback on Movie reviews and rating.

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