Nature Park – Himachal Pardesh

Nature Park – Himachal Pardesh
Great Himalayan Nature Park

When it comes to experience the India’s wild side, Nature Park situated in Himachal Pradesh comes first in the mind. Here, you can explore the lovely experience which you never experienced before. In this connection, the nature park of Himachal Pradesh are quite famous. It is the best way to explore the nature as well as for rejuvenating the mind. Nature Park – Himachal Pardesh

Nature Park – Himachal Pardesh

Sanctuaries – Himachal Pradesh
Barking Deer

You must visit some nature park to make your holiday memorable for throughout the life. Without stepping in these Nature Park, you would not be able to experience the spontaneity of Himachal Pradesh. There is a lot for the wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. Nature Park – Himachal Pardesh

How many of you know about the national parks in Himachal Pradesh? May there would be many having less knowledge about the Nature Park in this beautiful place. Well!!! No need to think more about it as we are going to give a drift about the nature park situated in Himachal Park. Nature Park – Himachal Pardesh

What Does It Mean By National Park

These national parks are declared by the Central Government. It can be said that national park are the property of Central Government. The area of each national park can be varied and generally it can be in between 100 sq. km to 500 sq. km. Nature Park – Himachal Pardesh

They are established in the particular area where the temperature remains cool for the species. The purpose behind making them to save the rare species of plant and animals. Anyone is not allowed to get entered in this area without taking permission. Each national park holds its own rule and regulation and visitors need to follow them. If they do not follow, it would be considered an offence. Nature Park – Himachal Pardesh

How Many National Park In Himachal Pradesh

There is a total number of five national parks in Himachal Pradesh and they are strictly reserved for the betterment of biodiversity and wildlife. In these restricted national parks, different type of activities like hunting, grazing, poaching, developmental and forestry etc. are not allowed. Nature Park – Himachal Pardesh

  1. Great Himalayan Nature Park
  • It was established in the year of 1984 and it covers an area of 754.5 kilo meters. It is one of the greatest parks not only in India but all over the world. It is located an elevation of 1500-1600 m above from the sea level. There are a number of varieties of flora and fauna which is being protected under the wildlife protection act of 1972. Here, hunting is an offence and no one is allowed for it. It has been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in the year of 2014 which make it too especial. It is decorated with a number of coniferous trees, flora and fauna. Visitors can find here various kinds of animal like goral, serow and bharal, brown bear and leopard. Apart from it, various kind of birds like Cheer, Tragopan, Monal and Khalij can be seen here.
  • Best time to visit the Himalayan Nature Park comes in between the month of March ad October.
  • It can be visited by all the three modes road, flight and train.  Nature Park – Himachal Pardesh
  1. Pin Valley National Park

It is the next in this list, which was declared in 1987 and hold an area of 675 kilometres. The best time to visit this park come in the month of August to September as the temperature remains pleasant. This park can be accessed by road or walking down. This park was established to protect and preserve Himalayan Flora and Fauna.

  1. Inderkilla National Park 

It was built in 2010 and it covers an area of 104 kilometers. Here, you can go to jazz up your mood. It is also one of the most sought after park among the visitors. Nature Park – Himachal Pardesh

  1. Khirganga National Park 

It was established in 2010 covering 710 kilometre. Those who are looking for a place where they can go along with immense excitement, Khirganga National Park is perfect to head. Nature Park – Himachal Pardesh

  1. Simbalbara National Park 

It covers an area of 27.88 and was established in the year of 2010. During Himachal Pradesh visit, you must not skip this park to visit as it is one of the popular parks located in Himachal Pradesh. Nature Park – Himachal Pardesh

The 3 Prominent Places Where Nature Park In Himachal Pradesh Are Situated

There are a total number of three well-known places nature parks in Himachal Pradesh

  1. Kufri: – This renowned nature park is located in Shimla and has become one of the famous tourist spots. Every a bulky number of visitors come here to collect memorable memory in order to add in their life. In this park, a gigantic variety of Musk Deer, rare species of Monal, Brown Bear, Barking Deer and Hangal are found. The best time to visit Kufri Nature Park Kufri Sanctuary comes in between June and November. It lures the visitor because of having Foxes, Jungle Cats, Bonnet Macaques, Sloth Bears and Jackals.
  2. Manali: – It is another visitor spot in this list which fetch a number of visitors. If your heart hold true love for the animal and birds, you must plan a trip to here. The wildlife sanctuary is just 2 km away from Manali. Here, you cannot not only enjoy the nature, but the peace of mind as well. Nature Park – Himachal Pardesh
  3. Gopalpur: – This village is adjacent to Palampur. This place is also known for frequently coming of visitors. This nature park is widely popular among the visitors. This nature park can be visited in between the month of April till June and in winter November till February. Nature Park – Himachal Pardesh

So, why should you wait more? It is time to kick off your memorable journey. Book your ticket and go for a great holiday in the lap of nature. If something interesting we have forgotten to mention here, then you may correct us as we appreciate your feedback. Nature Park – Himachal Pardesh

And yes!!! Do not forget to share your feedback with us. We are eagerly waiting for your comments regarding the above mentioned topic. Nature Park – Himachal Pardesh

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