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One night stand - Movie Review
One night stand

ONE NIGHT STAND, Sunny Leone based movie, has got released this Friday and making a great buzz among the die-hard fan of Sunny Leone. Let’s take a look what is all about the Plus and Minus factors of this movie in one night stand review in detailed manner. 

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One night stand - Movie Review
One night stand – Movie Review
  • Genre – Drama
  • Star Cast – Sunny Leone, Tanuj Virwani, Nyra Banerjee
  • Director – Jasmine Moses D’souza
  • Rating –  2/5


Urvil and Celina meets in a pub and takes One Night Stand. And then moves to their regular life. Tanuj Virwani played Urvil role who is a typical young achiever. On the other hand, Celina played by Sunny Leone is also married to a top-notch businessman. But the twist comes in the movie, when Urvil does not find himself able to get Celina out of his mind. He has no idea about his sex capades and that’s why either he wish to having her or destroying her.

What is good in One night stand 

After watching this movie, it can be felt that Sunny Leone is adhered to get good score in acting too. She has done a lot of hard work to portray the role of woman who is the perfect mother, doting daughter-in-low and supportive wife. It is one and only good thing of this movie. Saying would not be wrong that this film can works wonder to take Sunny leone one step ahead in the competition.

What is bad in One night stand 

The audience may get confused seeing the mood changed of the characters in this movie. You will see how the mood gets changed from sultry to somber within no time. Filmmaker must pay attention over it. It is required to elaborating the situation first before swinging their mood.

Cast Performance in One night stand 

  • Sunny Leone: – Needless to say that film revolves only around Sunny Leone and that is required for her to do justice with her role. Though Sunny Leone has never impressed earlier with her acting skills but in this movie she did well. There are many scenes in which she comes with mind-blowing expression on her face to elaborate her dialogues. On the basis of performance, Sunny Leone impressed the audience expect showing only skin.
  • Tanuj Virwani – We have already seen Tanuj Virwani in two movie and now this one. He played his character not too good or not-too-bad. He gives OK-OK performance.
  • Nyra Banerjee– She looks impressive and beautiful both at the same time among the rest actors.

Musice of One night stand 

It has already made great space in chartbuster songs. Do Peg Maar and Ijazat have already been downloaded on a large scale.


If you are going to watch One Night Stand expecting something different to have in this movie then go back. Instead of taking stands for One Night Stand, you must accomplish all essential tasks. There is nothing in the movie expect bold scenes performed by Sunny. You can get lot of sexy material in this movie.Those who die-hard fan of Sunny Leone and can see anything if there is a presence of Sunny Leone then you must go for it. Those who are not fans of Sunny Leone, maintain a distance from this movie.

So what are you waiting if you love to watch Sunny leone rush to movie counter to book ticket in theatre near you to enjoy the movie.

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