Pahalgam – A Popular Tourist Destination


Pahalgam – A Popular Tourist Destination

Pahalgam - A Popular Tourist Destination

If someone asks to describe “Pahalgam” in one line, then it is too tough. From its starting to end, there is not even a corner in Pahalgam which is not dipped in the beauty of nature. This beautiful place is situated in the northern Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. If you have already visited many places but not Pahalgam then it is the right time to schedule a visit. Here, this blog is stuffed with all sorts of important information which you must know if you are a first time visitor to Pahalgam. Let’s check out,     Pahalgam – A Popular Tourist DestinationPahalgam – A Popular Tourist Destination


The Most Popular Places

  • Awantipora: – This place holds the remnants of a number of ancient Hindu temples. It was built by King Awanti Varman. It offers mental peace and take you another world. To explore the ancient history related to religion, it is an ideal place.
  • Golf Course: – It is also famous among the tourists. Not only golf enthusiastic but it is also special for the people who never wish to skip anything which make Pahalgam popular tourists destination. It is an 18 holds golf course where state government also organise Golf Championship every year.
  • Sun Temple: – To get indulged with the history, this temple is the perfect place to head. It was built by Emperor Lalit Aditya Muktapida who was a Hindu emperor. It is must visit place.
  • Kolahoi Glacier: – It is located over the famous Lidder River. Here, you can catch various eye-catching views.
  • Aru Valley: – the beauty of Aru Valley cannot described in words as it is quite incredible. It is the beautiful place blessed with lush green grasslands and thick forest. To make yourself calm and cool, nothing can be greater rather than going to Aru Valley.
  • Betaab Valley: – It has always been an apple of movie makes eye. It holds a strong connection with Bollywood. And you must go there to experience what made film makers to come here.
  • Baisaran Hill: – It is situated just 5 km away from Pahalgam and widely popular because of holding lush greenery and thick pine forests. The snow-capped hills will take your heart away.
  • Mamaleshwara Temple: – It is a sacred place situated a kilometre away from Pahalgam. This temple belongs to Lord Shiva, which by built by King Jayasima. This incredible temple belongs to 40 AD. At the entry gate, there is an idol of Lord Ganesha.
  • Tulian Lake:-For the nature lovers, Tulian Lake is perfect to head. It looks beautiful when it does not get frozen completely, but get decorated by chunks of ice. It happens 2 or 3 times in a year.
  • Chandanwari: – It is a marvellous valley located 16 km away from Pahalgam. It is the same from where Amaranth Yatra begins every year. Those who like hiking always love to go there.
  • Sheshang Lake: – This fresh water body will rule over your heart. It is 0.7 km wide and 1.1 km in length. For the peace seeker, it is a good place to spend some quality time with yourself.
  • Amaranth Cave: – It is one of the very sacred journey in which people come all across the country to take part in. It is situated 44 km away from Pahalgam. This precious cave belongs to Lord Shiva and his consort Goddess Parvati. This Yatra is organised in the month of July and August. Pahalgam – A Popular Tourist Destination

What You Must Not Miss

Pahalgam has always been a favourite among the visitors and it also lure because of its traditional scrumptious cuisines. If you are scheduling a visit to Pahalgam then you must add in your list to taste the Mughlai, variety of Indian and Continental cuisines and much more. Pahalgam – A Popular Tourist Destination

Best Time To Visit Pahalgam

The best time to make a stroll in Pahalgam starts from March and remains till November. During these months, maximum temperature does not go beyond 30 degree Celsius while minimum temperature remains in between 1 to 19 which very ideal to explore this lovely place. Pahalgam – A Popular Tourist Destination

Things To Do In Pahalgam

  • Exploring Aru Village: – It is situated 12 km away from Pahalgam. It is an ideal place to explore as it is surrounded by beautiful greenery. To take a break from the hustle-bustle of city, it is perfect to go. It is known for beautiful picturesque locations. Pahalgam – A Popular Tourist Destination
  • Camping At Lidder Valley: – Without enjoying camping at Lidder Valley, your visit will not be considered. It is very popular among the fun loving people. Pahalgam – A Popular Tourist Destination
  • Fishing: – You will not get this opportunity anywhere else. Believe me, this experience will be mind-blowing. Before fishing, you have to take fishing permits. Pahalgam – A Popular Tourist Destination
  • Rafting: – To get indulged in this sport, Lidder River is ideal to head. It is very popular and you must go there.

Fair And Festivals

Winter Snow Festival: – The Winter Snow Festival of Pahalgam is very popular. It is celebrated in the month of January and February. During this festival, a number of activities are organized like sledging, skiing, horse riding and various sport activities. Pahalgam – A Popular Tourist Destination

How To Reach

  • By Air:- Srinagar International Airport is the nearest airport, which is situated 96 km from Pahalgam. It is well connected to the major cities of India like Indore, Delhi, and Jammu etc. Outside of Pahalgam Airport taxi service is available to take you to your desired place.
  • By Train:- Jammu Tawi and Udhampur railhead are the nearest. Jammu Tawi is situated 157 Km away from Pahalgam while Udhampur is located 217 km away. It is conveniently connected to various cities like Kolkata, Rishikesh, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai etc. As per your convenience, you may choose the right one.
  • By Bus:- It can be accessed by road too. It conveniently connected to the adjacent cities like Srinagar and Jammu.

So, if you are all set to make a stroll a visit to Pahalgam then have a safe journey. After coming, do not forget sharing your views with us. We have been waiting here.
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Pahalgam – A Popular Tourist Destination


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