Pataakha movie review

Pataakha movie review
Pataakha movie review

And there is another thoughtful movie namely “Pataakha” hitting movie floor. The law of nature is that whatever you run away from, the closer you get. Here, we are going to emphasize on Pataakha including direction, story, performance etc. Let’s check it out. Pataakha movie review

Pataakha movie review

Pataakha movie review
Pataakha movie review
  • Genre – Drama
  • Star Cast – Vijay Raaz, Sanya Malhotra, Radhika Madan, Namit Das, Saanand Varma, Abhishek Duhan
  • Director –Vishal Bhardwaj
  • Rating –  3/5

Story of the Movie

Vishal Bharadwaj’s story takes you to the small village of Rajasthan. ‘Pataakha’ is the story of two sisters namely, Champa aka Barki (Radhika Madan) and Genda alias Chhukki (Sanya Malhotra). They want to be away from each other but luck brings them in front of each other. Chhukki and Bukki have been fighting for a long time since childhood. Pataakha movie review

Dipar (Sunil Grover), who lives in the same village, does not lose any opportunity to let these sisters fight and enjoy. On the other hand, Bapu (Vijay Raj) wants a lot for his two daughters and always want them to live peacefully and with happiness. That’s why he did not get another marriage too. But he wakes up from the daily war between his daughters. What happens next? Do these two sisters get over their issues and live happily or this fight leads to ugly consequences? You have to head to theater to get to know. Pataakha movie review

Vishal Bharadwaj and Film Making Aspect

Filmmaker Vishal Bharadwaj, who often produces films on novels, has selected two sisters of Charan Singh Pathik’s short story this time and made a film based on it. The story of this movie is that 2 sisters, Badki and Chhukki, who are the big enemies of each other and fight badly on talk and beat them badly. Their father loves them very much but they are troubled by their battles. After some time they are decided to get married, but these two sisters run away with their lovers. What happens after this .. If you look at the film for this, then you will understand how fortune again makes them stand in front of each other. Pataakha movie review

All About Characters

  • Radhika Madan in Barki’s role, Sanya Malhotra in the role of Chhukki and her father in the role of Vijay Raje.
  • The role of Sunil Grover in the film is interesting, which sometimes shoots them like Narada Muni, sometimes it shows direction.

Why Should You Watch This Movie 

This film of Vishal Bharadwaj, who is known to make films of his countrymates, is also completely indigenous. The story is set in Rajasthan and while watching the film it seems that we are watching a village and its character. If you loves movie associated to village, then you may go with this one for sure. Pataakha movie review

Negative Points

But while watching the film it seemed that we are watching a long and drawn story between the fights of two sisters i.e. the script of the movie has become somewhat weak. And therefore, if it would be a bit short, then it could be great. Pataakha movie review

So, what are you waiting for? Do book your movie ticket, if you are the fan of Vishal Bhardwaj or his cinema. You will surely love this movie. Do not forget to share your feedback with us. Pataakha movie review

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