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Romeo Akbar Walter Movie Review
Romeo Akbar Walter Movie Review

Are you a die-hard John Abraham fan? Then, go for this movie is for you called Romeo Akbar Walter. The recently release movie already made great attention at the forefront. And you might be wondering about its movie review. Let’s go and checkout in Romeo Akbar Walter movie review in detailed manner.

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Romeo Akbar Walter Movie Review
Romeo Akbar Walter Movie Review
  • Genre –  Action
  • Star Cast – John Abraham, Mouni Roy, Jackie Shroff, Sikandar Kher
  • Director – Robbie Graval
  • Rating –  3/5

Story of Romeo Akbar Walter

The story begins with Akbar (John Abraham), which has been torched by Pakistani Intelligence Officer Khudabkhash (Sikander Kher). Using the third degree, its nails have been uprooted. Pakistan Intelligence is suspected to be Akbar’s Indian RAW spy From there the story travels in flashback.

The banker who works in the bank is honest and brave. She loves Shabdha (Mauni Roy) who works in the bank. She lives with her mother. At one time, his father had lost his life for the country and after that, his mother had raised him in a common life away from the passion of patriotism, but the robberies in the bank kept changing his life. That Robory’s rival in the bank competes with the shout. After that robbery, Romeo is told that he has been elected as the RAW spy by Jackie Shroff, Chief of Raw and now he has to get intelligence from Pakistan by becoming Akbar Malik. As a detective, he gets strenuous training.

When he comes to Pakistan, he wins the heart of Isaac Afridi (Anil George) and he becomes his confidante in a short time. He gives information to Pakistan about the plans of Pakistan to attack in Badlipur. On this intelligence mission, he is accompanied by Pakistani Raghuveer Yadav Everything is going well, but when the faith comes as a diplomat in Pakistan, Khudbakhsh receives some clue that makes him suspicious about Akbar. She wants to spread her truth by torching her. How does he become Walter when he comes to Climax?

Why Should You Go To watch this movie

You need to watch the movie as it comes up with great content. It is not a matter of saying that Robbie Grewal has a lot of detail research on the film, its detailing is also seen on the screen, but the biggest problem in the film is that the film’s very slow First Half Robbie has spent a lot of time in setting up backdrops and characters in First Half. In many places, Confusion intersects. A detective film lacks thrill. The action which is expected of John is missing in the film. In the second half, the story comes in its mood. Its realistic approach is far from dramatized, but Climax’s punch does not prove to be effective in that way.


The cinematography of Tapan Tushar Basu is very good. Especially rainy scenes have become the best. He has kept the color tone of the movie according to the subject.

Cast Performance in Romeo Akbar Walter

John Abraham has a tremendous transformation in the form of artist and filmmaker, and this transformation was seen in his ‘Wiki Donor‘, ‘Madras Cafe‘ and the previous movie ‘Atomu‘. John Abraham is fit in his role in every way. He has done his very best to carry out his very best.

Sikandar Kher as the Khudabakhsh proves the surprise package of the film. He has acted as a Pakistani ISI officer.

Jackie Shroff is known for giving a different dimension to his roles and as a Srikant Rai, he also succeeds this time too.

• It is beyond comprehension that Mauni Roy has filled herself in order to be a part of the film.

Music of Romeo Akbar Walter 

The music side is a weak link to the film. Background score is fine.

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