Sarbjeet – Movie Review

Sarbjeet - Movie Review
Sarbjeet – Movie Review

Though it was a tough subject to make film on, but even then director and actors of this movie did mind-blowing job. It got success to leave you shocked and stunned. The audience will feel the pain which you may have never felt through reading his reports published in newspapers. Omung Kumar got success to capture the pathos, emotions and pain in a discreet manner which was essential for this film to be called Sarbjeet. Let’s come to know more about its review. Sarbjeet – Movie Review

Sarbjeet - Movie Review
Sarbjeet – Movie Review

Story Of The Movie           Sarbjeet – Movie Review

As we all know that this movie belongs to a real-life incident of Sarbjeet Singh. He was an Indian farmer who mistakenly crosses over the border in the year of 1990 and caught by Pakistani Army. In Pakistan Jail, he was forced to attempt that he came Pakistan for doing something auspicious. After coming to know that Sarbjeet has been caught by the Pakistani Army, his sister Dalbir decides to seek justice. This movie is all about her endurance, stamina and courage. It is a must-watch movie.Sarbjeet – Movie Review

Plus And Minus Point Of The Script

Minus Point

  • One thing which pinched in my heart that this movie does not get success to take the audience along with Sarbjeet character in depth. Instead of emphasizing over his character, the movie focus over the struggle of his sister. Though it was not bad at all but maker must pay attention over the Sarbjeet character at the time of making. Sarbjeet – Movie Review
  • Apart from it, you will miss the natural conversation which could add weight to it.Sarbjeet – Movie Review

Plus Point

  • But it is essential to praise two scenes of this movie, first where Sarbjeet loses his patience and shouts at his sister and the second when Richa Chadha as a wife of Sarbjeet boosts the confidence of Dalbir’s character.

Let’s Check Out The Star Performance

  • Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: – She is in the lead role and the story revolves around her as what type of sacrifices she did to come back his brother. She is portraying the character of Dalbir and she played it well. With her fabulous acting, she got success to win the heart of the audience. She does not look glamorous, but as same as the real sister of Sarbjeet. Sarbjeet – Movie Review
  • Richa Chadha: – no doubt, Richa Chadha is doing well day by day. And in this movie, she is all set to impress the audience once again. As Sukhpreet, the wife of Sarbjeet, she did a fantastic job. Be its expression, dialogue or acting, she kept a close eye over all these three important things. Sarbjeet – Movie Review
  • Randeep Hooda:- He is playing the character of Sarbjeet and wears the same expression as they were required. No doubts he did well. Instead of acting, he did a great job through his expression.
  • Darshan Kumar:- After Marry Com, NH24, Darshan Kumar is going to play a short role of a Pakistani lawyer in this film. Though he put all his efforts but did not get success to get into the skin of his character.


No need to mention, songs of this movie are excellent. Be it music or lyrics, both are great and fantastic to make you feel the pain of the story. So, this weekend do not forget to watch Sarbjeet…. Sarbjeet – Movie Review
Have a Happy Weekend and Movie Time… Sarbjeet – Movie Review
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  • Genre – Biopic
  • Star Cast – Randeep Hooda, Darshan Kumar, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Richa Chaddha
  • Director – Oomung Kumar
  • Rating –  2/5

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