Siddhivinayak Temple – Mumbai

Siddhivinayak Temple - Mumbai
Siddhivinayak Temple – Mumbai

This is my visit to Mumbai and I was planning since long to go with my family for the Darshan of Siddhivinayak ji and finally the date came, we catch the train for Mumbai from Jaipur railway station on Tuesday. The train named Duranto express connect to Mumbai directly from Jaipur without any halt except technical halt. It runs only Tuesday and Thursday from Jaipur and Tuesday and Sunday from Mumbai. Siddhivinayak Temple – Mumbai

Siddhivinayak Temple – Mumbai

It nicely painted from outside and looks some different from other trains. It starts at 19.10 on right time and taken around 17 hours to reach Mumbai railway station. During journey Dinner and Breakfast was served at free of cost inside train. This train is similar to Rajdhani and Shatabti train and specialties of this train is that it is nonstop train from end to end except technical halt. Siddhivinayak Temple – Mumbai

Next day morning after 17 hours journey we reached at Mumbai central railway station at 12 and catch the cab to reach hotel, we have already made booking in Hotel Milan International thru online booking. Cab taken one and half hour to reach hotel and it is situated at Santacruz (W) Mumbai. After some relaxation and snacks we decided to move from hotel to visit some nearest place in Mumbai. Siddhivinayak Temple – Mumbai

The next day we get up early in morning, the tiredness was almost finished and we all were completely fresh. We taken breakfast in hotel and took cab for Darshan and blessing of Siddhivinayak ji. This distance was 30 Km from hotel and took half hour to reach there. Siddhivinayak Temple – Mumbai

The temple is very famous in Mumbai. It is also known as Shree Siddhivinayak Ganapati Temple. It is a two hundred years old Temple. People believe that Lord Ganesh of Siddhivinayak Temple fulfills the Desire of His worshipers.

Lots of shops were there offering Garlands, flowers and ladu for Parsad. We also taken Prasad and move to Darshan of Siddhivinayak ji. There were long queue for Darshan and proper security checking was done before entering in temple premises. After twenty minutes, we were in front of   The idol of Lord Ganesh and we got blessing of Siddhivinayak ji. It was such beautiful experience, all my family members got blessing of Lord Ganesh of Siddhivinayak. Siddhivinayak Temple – Mumbai

Mumbai celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi in a grand manner and worships Lord Ganesh with supreme devotion. Thus Siddhivinayak Temple is a Temple of eminent importance in Mumbai Siddhivinayak Temple – Mumbai

Earlier, the Siddhivinayak temple was a small construction highlighting the black idol of Shree Siddhivinayak, carved out of stone. It was only two and half feet wide then. The most remarkable feature of this idol of Lord Ganesh is that, His trunk is tilted to the right side. The deity has four hands which is why it is also called Chaturbhuj. The four hands contain a lotus, a small axe, holy beads and a bowl full of Modaks, a sweet considered to be a favorite with Shree Siddhivinayak. Siddhivinayak Temple – Mumbai

On both the sides of the deity are Siddhi and Riddhi, two Goddesses standing for holiness, fulfillment, wealth and prosperity. The Siddhivinayak has an eye engraved on his forehead. Siddhivinayak Temple – Mumbai

After Darshan we went to visit nearest market to see Marathi shops, local people and their language.

As we were on short trip and we have to catch train in evening, the main purpose to visit Mumbai was to get blessing of Lord Ganesh of Siddhivinayak and that completed on that day and believe that Lord Ganesh of Siddhivinayak will fulfills our wishes.  Siddhivinayak Temple – Mumbai

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