Tumhari Sulu movie review

Tumhari Sulu movie review
Tumhari Sulu movie review

Watching something closer to reality on a big screen always fills you with the incredible happiness. If this kind of movie has always been your favourite, Tumhari Sulu is a must watch. Let’s review this movie 

Tumhari Sulu movie review

Tumhari Sulu movie review
Tumhari Sulu movie review
  • Genre – Drama
  • Star Cast – Vidya Balan, Neha Dhupia, Manav Kaul
  • Director – Suresh Triveni
  • Rating –  3.5/5

Tumhari Sulu’s Story

Sulochna is a woman having a lot of responsibilities. She had been a failure a lot of time in the past. But apart from it, the best thing is that she still holds a burning desire to become a RJ. Her husband has always been supportive to her. Sulu is quite good at mimicry of Hema Malini, Sridevi and so on. After joining as a Radio Jockey, how her life changes is the story. You have to head to theater to watch how she juggles everything in a great way.

Script of Movie 

Suresh Triveni is playing the role of director and writer. Therefore we can expect to have a great movie full of creativity and entertainment. Vidya Balan is all set with the required charm to impress you. Tumhari Sulu comes up with a wide array of simple and smile-inspiring moments. The best thing is that now Bollywood is emphasizing on these moments in order to make a beautiful movie. There are numerous scenes that will leave you completely speechless. Tumhari Sulu movie review

Performance of Tumhari Sulu

  • Vidya Balan – We have already seen her playing the wonderful roles. The best thing is that Vidya is going to impress you. In Tumhari Sulu, she is going to play the role of Sulu. Her sexy voice, chuckling smile and shiny eyes will make you fall in love with Sulu. Whether it is about the emotional or full of fun scenes, she performed well at every place. Tumhari Sulu movie review
  • Manav Kaul – He played the role of Sulu’s husband and went into the shoes of her role. He played his role brilliantly. You may also have seen his dance move in “Ban Meri Rani Rani” that defiantly made you to have a great laugh. Tumhari Sulu movie review
  • Neha Dhupia – She also played her role brilliantly. She will be seen playing the head of the radio station.
  • Malishka Medonsa & Vijay Maurya – They both will surely impress you with their incredible performance.

All characters of movie are just incredible. The best thing is that they all are going to impress you.

What Makes “Tumhari Sulu” Unique

Indian Cinema is going to impress you once again with its recently released Tumhari Sulu. This is a movie about a middle-aged woman who has not achieved very much in her life. She holds a burning desire to become a RJ.

If talks about Bad about this movie, there is nothing since Vidya managed quite beautifully to add a spark to this movie. You are not going to bore watching this movie. Movie goers will enjoy each scene of this movie.

It is just amazing for sure. You would not get a single moment to blink your eyes. If you have been craving for a lovely movie, Tumhari Sulu is a treat to go. Are you still confused? Let me ask did you enjoy “Subh Manglam Saavdhan?” If yes, go for this movie too. Weekend is here and do not miss this one.

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