White or Brown Egg Which Is Better To Buy?

White or Brown Egg Which Is Better To Buy?
White or Brown Egg Which Is Better To Buy?

Are you one of them who find yourself in a dilemma that which egg type would be better to buy a white or brown egg? Surely at some point, you have asked yourself why there are brown eggs and white eggs, what is the difference between them and which are better. They say that brown eggs are better for consumption and that they also contain more nutrients than whites, there are even those who say they know better and are better suited to cooking certain foods, such as quiches, while whites are better for baking. It depends on who you ask and where you look, they will tell you one thing or another, a total mess. It is time to take the plunge and check out all the points regarding this. Let’s go through the below mentioned points. White or Brown Egg Which Is Better To Buy?


White or Brown Egg Which Is Better To Buy?
White or Brown Egg Which Is Better To Buy?

We explain the differences between the eggs according to their color

Many of us have asked when buying eggs if there is a difference between whites and browns. Some argue that brown eggs taste better, have more nutrients or are more organic than whites. This is a common discussion and people keep guessing according to their knowledge. Next thing is that you also need to go with the scientific facts in order to come up with the better results without getting confused. White or Brown Egg Which Is Better To Buy?

The fact cannot be ignored that although there is a lot of contradictory information is available on the internet enough to make anyone get confused. But the truth is that color does not make a difference. To put in simple words, both types of eggs are the same. And you can go with any of them according to your choice.

What About The Other Facts

  • Indeed, although we have been led to believe for a long time that brown eggs contain more nutrients than their white counterparts. But here we would like to clarify that the explanation behind the pigmentation of the shell is very simple. It means it also depends actually on the breed of the hen it will be the color of the egg.
  • Why should you believe in our saying? Would not you love to know that what experts do say about it? According to an expert namely, Avicola Monte Buey, a Mexican company specializing in egg production and they also explained that the white feathered hens lay eggs of the same color. On the other hand, those with dark feathers always lay brown eggs. Apart from all this, the color or the spots that have an egg also play a major role to determine their nutritional value. As regards the color of the yolk, it will be a more intense yellow depending on the amount and type of corn that it eats.

Then Why Brown Eggs Are Costly 

And we know that you might be wondering that why brown eggs are more expensive in comparison of the white ones. This happens because dark plumage chickens are usually larger and need to eat more. The cost of their food translates into higher prices of the final product. Apart from all this, brown egg fashions are high-in-demand, and with it the final price. But it has cleared that this has nothing to do with the taste of the egg.

The million dollar question, what everyone wants to know, is whether brown eggs are healthier and more nutritious than white eggs, or vice versa. And the answer is available in the form of “no”. Though the fact cannot be ignored that there are eggs of better and worse quality even they can be more and less tasty; they are not distinguishable at all by the color of their shell. It means it is not just an aspect in which you should pay special attention when choosing while making the purchase.

But then, why are browns usually more expensive? And we all might keep contemplating this. We would like to clarify that it is not because they are necessarily better or healthier. The truth behind this is that this price difference is more linked to the feeding of the hen. It means those hens that lay brown eggs

  • Are usually of a larger breed
  • They actually need larger quantities of food and
  • Therefore a higher investment in maintenance.

Precisely the quality of the food that the chicken consumes is the most decisive factor in the quality of the resulting egg. It is a detail that you may have noticed in any marketplace, in a commercial area or simply in the pantry of your house. Some chicken eggs have a white skin, others have a brown color. If you have resorted to popular wisdom to know what the difference is or if there are also nutritional differences behind it, you may have taken for granted some of the many urban legends that are told about the subject.

A Brief About The Color of Egg Shell

The first thing you should know is that the color of the eggshell is mainly due to the breed of the chicken from which it comes. To put in simple words, white hens lay white eggs and browns lay brown eggs. You may not believe but the variety is greater since there are also some that offer blue or speckled eggs. It means noticing the color of the shell; we can easily get clues about the origin of the hen. White or Brown Egg Which Is Better To Buy?

The fact cannot be ignored that there are so many misconceptions regarding the difference between white and brown egg. Another of the “myths” wrongly spread about white eggs and brown eggs ensures that the latter have a much harder and more resistant skin. And this is not true. This factor has more to do with the age of the hen that has laid the egg in question, both in the case of whites and in the case of browns. Young girls get eggs with the strongest shell, while those of adult chickens tend to have a considerably more fragile coat.

If Chicken Eggs Are Serious Nutritious 

What there is no doubt about is that chicken eggs are nutritious. Moreover, they are incredibly tasty as well as quite good for diet and also very versatile in the kitchen. Apart from the color issue, it is possible that there are other curiosities that you probably did not know about them. White or Brown Egg Which Is Better To Buy?

Well, none of that, there is absolutely no difference between them, or taste, or nutrients, or anything. Well yes, in color, some are brown and others white. Be one color or another, does not mean they are better or worse and the dishes you cook with them will be just as good. White or Brown Egg Which Is Better To Buy?

You may have noticed that the thickness of the shells of one and the other is different, but it can be a coincidence. This thickness is usually the result of the age of the hen, the youngest usually lay eggs with thicker shells than those of the older hens, but this happens for both white and brown egg layers.

Why Do They Say That Brown Eggs Are Better?

Well, this is a widespread myth and is largely due to its price in supermarkets. We tend to associate that something that costs more, has a better quality and, although sometimes it is fulfilled, this is not the case. Although genetics ultimately decide the color of the egg, there is a great relationship in which the hens with plumage and red lobes lay brown eggs, while those with plumage and white lobe lay the white eggs. The first, tend to be larger and eat more, so they are more expensive to maintain and that is why the higher expenditure on food has a direct impact on the final price of the eggs. White or Brown Egg Which Is Better To Buy?

In the same way, you will wonder why they continue to maintain the production of brown eggs if the hens are more expensive to maintain. The reason is that, as people believe they are better, they buy more, that simple. As for the arguments that say they have a different flavor, they are not based on anything. The flavor of an egg and even the color of the yolk depends as much on the feed that the animal has followed, as on the place.

Another interesting issue here is the supposed disappearance of white eggs. Although it is true that they are less and less, they have not been extinguished or anything like that, but since the myth that browns are better is widespread, it seems that commercially it was decided that selling white eggs was not the most profitable.

General Ideas behind the Popularity Of Brown Eggs

  • Thickness – Sure they have noticed that some shells have more thickness than others, this is due to the age of the hens that produced them: If the hen is young, occasionally the shell of their eggs will be a little thicker than that of the older hens. However, the age of the hen has nothing to do with the color of the eggs it lays and both can have the same thickness.
  • Nutrients -Both brown and white eggs have the same amount of nutrients.
  • Flavor – Both types of eggs taste the same and between them, there are no significant variations. It is indistinct that any of them be used for the preparation of various foods.

No Difference Between Both Types of Eggs 

If as we saw, there is not much difference between the two types of eggs, where does that rumor come from that brown blanks are better? Occasionally brown eggs cost a little more in supermarkets, and there, people often apply the logic of “if something is more expensive, it’s because it’s better”. Well, we regret disabusing them, because in a matter of eggs this is only a matter of marketing and both eggs have the same quality regardless of their color. Well, but then why are brown eggs more expensive? Well, because the hens that put these types of eggs are usually larger and eat more, therefore, the costs of their maintenance are higher.

Generally and without being a universal rule, white eggs are laid by light-colored hens, while browns correspond to hens with red, brown or darker plumage (and are usually larger). A slightly more accurate element is the color of its lobes: white, white egg; brown or reddish brown egg. And indeed, hens with red lobes are larger.

This difference explains why white eggs are sold more because their production is actually cheaper. Now, if something really affects the flavor of the egg and the color of the yolk, it is the diet that the hen follows. Of course, brown eggs continue to sell precisely because of all those myths that we exposed at the beginning and that make consumers think that brown eggs are better.

What Should You Keep In Mind Before Buying Eggs?

You might be thinking that what to keep in mind to buy eggs. Here, we are going to focus on these points. Let’s check it out more about it. White or Brown Egg Which Is Better To Buy?

  • All Natural – First, make sure that you are going to buy eggs labeled “naturally raised” or “all natural”. It means they should be organic completely so that you can enjoy them accordingly. Health conscious people always love to go with the certified eggs as organic in the United States and the European Union. Chickens who have not given antibiotics or hormones generally give the healthy eggs. Here, you might be confused about that what does it means by organic label. Actually, organic label means antibiotics may only be used when medically necessary. As low doses of antibiotics are also often given in feed and water leading towards contributing to antibiotic resistance in bacteria. Here, we would like to clarify that there is no evidence indicating towards that organic eggs are more nutritious than conventional eggs. Make sure that you are buying the quality based eggs having the label of certified organic Hens quality of life as it is probably better. Moreover, these hens do also have greater access to sunshine probably increases the vitamin D in their eggs.
  • Cage-Free – Most people get confused with the key-term Cage–Free. Here, we would like to clarify that the term “cage-free” is applied to eggs and chances are high that people might get confused with this. To put in simple words, the conventionally raised hens in the US are housed indoors. These cages are generally quite small. Though we would like to mention that the conditions for cage-free hens are often still very crowded and they do not have any access to the outdoors. Saying would not wrong that cage-free living would be slightly better for the hen and it leads towards producing healthy eggs.
  • Free-Range – The label “free-range” signifies eggs indicating that they come from hens housed along with some form of continuous access to the outdoors. And the fact cannot be ignored that this ideally imparts a better quality of life for the hens. It does not get restricted here since it may also enhance the nutritional quality of the eggs. Hens which are generally exposed to sunlight help a lot to produce eggs having much higher vitamin D levels. White or Brown Egg Which Is Better To Buy?
  • Omega-3 Enriched – Omega-3 enriched eggs are high in demand and they come from hens which are given a diet full of healthy omega-3 fats factor. And therefore, the omega-3 content of the egg is quite popular among the health conscious people and they are quite healthier in comparison of the normal ones. Omega-3 enriched eggs are considered as an ideal alternative source of omega-3 fats. Generally, we do have very less food having this factor. People who are quite conscious regarding their health and want to increase omega-3 to their diet.

There are so many dishes you can prepare using eggs. The best thing is that dishes prepared using eggs take very less time as well as they are too delicious to have. And therefore the popularity of eggs is quite high for a long time. To have a healthy and fit life, you must add eggs to your diet without getting confused. Do check the recipe book and prepare a variety of eggs related dishes to stay fit and healthy.

Last Words

Mystery resolved, now, Am I the only one who craved a bacon omelet with Manchego cheese and beans for breakfast? White or Brown Egg Which Is Better To Buy?

So the next time you go to the supermarket, do not be afraid to take one or the other, the dish you’re going to prepare will be delicious with any of them, even if you decide to turn them green to make fried eggs. And you know, the next times you go to buy eggs do not look at the color, but the size, the hardness of the shell and, preferably, they are free chickens.

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