Why banana is good or bad at night ?

Why banana is good or bad at night ?
Why banana is good or bad at night ?

Banana….Did you remember something hearing this word?
Any cartoon film?
Yes!! You got right.
We all know how the banana is a favorite of the “minions.” But do you know that world’s most people love having Banana since it is their favorite food? The banana does not only look good but also full of a lot of nutrients. And therefore health conscious people do add it to their diet. Today, we are going to discuss over banana in a great way. Here, we are going to emphasize that how the banana is good for health and if having a banana at night is good or not? If you have been contemplating about it then you must go ahead. Let’s check it out.

Why banana is good or bad at night ?

Why banana is good or bad at night ?
Why banana is good or bad at night ?

As known by everyone, banana is a super food and is highly nutritious. It contains a lot of potassium and is considered good for the heart. Along with this, banana has various minerals and nutrients. It is also a perfect food for the upset stomach. One of the best things about banana is that it acts as the energy booster. The high fiber content of this fruit helps in regulating the bowel movement keeping your stomach in good condition.
Not just this, this fruit is a good source of nutrients and it helps in curbing the craving. But, there are some facts and myths associated with eating bananas. Ever since childhood, we have been advised not to eat bananas at night. Along with banana, there are many other fruits and food that are advised not to consume at night. Some people say that banana at night might make your cold and cough worse. Because of this, many people are in doubt whether eating a banana is good or bad at night. Let’s find out the answer to this tricky question.
But, before that, let’s see the nutritional content of the banana and benefits related to it.

  • No doubt, banana is super healthy that offers you several health benefits. It is a low-calorie fruit that can be consumed easily by the fitness freak and sportspersons. One banana contains only 105 calories. If you wish to have a low-calorie meal than 2 bananas along with a cup of skimmed milk are perfect.
  • Good for heart: Another important benefit of eating a banana is that it has a good source of potassium. This fruit helps in preventing heart attack and keeping the blood pressure in the normal range. For the people having blood pressure and heart problems, this fruit is highly recommended as it contains a high level of potassium.
  • This fruit is rich in fiber, thus, it is considered good for proper digestion. The human body requires a good amount of fiber every day in order to ensure proper digestion and bowel movement. Thus, eating bananas is highly recommended for those who’re having the complaints of poor digestion and upset stomach. Another benefit is that it keeps the digestive system in a balanced way and well maintained. If any person is having the problem of constipation then it can be easily removed by eating bananas daily.

Positive Points About Eating Banana At Night

The best thing about having Banana at night is being mentioned here and you should not forget about it. Let’s check it out so that you can accumulate more information about it.

  • Experts say that banana is a good source of potassium and magnesium. Banana is good for health too. It is also a good energy booster and bring more energy to your body and therefore it is added by the people in the diet conscious for their health. After a hectic and tiring day, you can have a banana that helps in relaxing your muscles. Having banana brings more energy and positivity to you. The best thing is that you will always find is good for your health. Eating a banana in the evening can also help you to fall asleep. It means it can be said that Banana is having a number of benefits and therefore it should not be ignored at any rate. It is also helpful for those who’re having a sleeping disorder or insomnia. If you are having a sleeping disorder then you must try this and see the positive changes. Taking 2 bananas in the evening will help you get better and faster sleep. You may also increase the number of banana in case you find it greater for you.
  • Banana is ideal for curbing the cravings. Fitness freaks and people on diet are especially advised to consume low-calorie food. And therefore it is considered good to have. Sometimes, people feel the craving of sweets at night after dinner. In that time, banana can be consumed as low-calorie fruit as it has sugar which is rich in vitamins.
  • One another important positive point related to eating a banana at night is that it helps in preventing heartburn. If you have been going through heartburn related issues then you must try this. It will truly help to bring the positive results to you in a great way. In case you have consumed spicy and heavy food, just have one banana.

Some Negative Points About Eating Banana At Night

One of the main reasons due to which people advise not to have a banana at night is that it helps in increasing your cough and cold. Yes!!! you need to keep in mind that Banana is quite cold by its feature and therefore you must be careful while having it. You need to make sure that you are having in limit so that you do not have to go through any sort of negative effect of it. The best thing is that banana is quite good at the taste and therefore you might find difficult to restrict yourself from having it. The best thing is that you may have a banana going with a variety of dishes. If you are having a cold or cough then you just need to be a bit careful so that you will not have any issue later on. Thus, it is advised that people who’re suffering from fever, cold or cold should not eat a banana at night. Along with this, if the person is already having a high amount of potassium in the baseline level then he/she should avoid eating a banana.

According To Ayurveda

There are many different opinions about eating the banana at night. Let’s see what experts have to say about it. Firstly, let’s discuss what Ayurveda system has to say about it.
In the Ayurvedic system, every fruit has its own time to eat. Eating certain fruits at appropriate times can help the person in getting maximum benefits. If we’re talking about the Ayurveda then eating a banana at night is not at all safe. It comes under the category of ‘food to be avoided at night’. Banana takes longer time for digestion and it can also cause an increase in cough and cold. As per the Ayurveda experts, the food that we are eating at night should be light and easy to be digested. Ayurveda system explains that eating a banana at night can increase ‘Kapha’ in your body. There are also chances of getting a running nose, indigestion, allergies and excessive salivation in the morning. So, Ayurveda suggests not having bananas at night.

What as per Allopathy

But, allopathic system and nutritionists have different opinions about the banana. They say that banana is full of minerals and nutrients that can help in making your life a healthy one. Nutritionists also say that having a banana just after gymming and workout helps in boosting the energy of your body. Eating bananas can help you in maximizing the health benefits related to cardiovascular. Experts advise having a banana as it is highly beneficial in bad cholesterol building in the body. They also suggest not having bananas if you’re having Asthma or sinus problems. In such cases, it is better to avoid bananas as they can enhance your health problems.
And The Banana Dishes Are Here –
In this section, we are going to share the best banana dishes that you must try. Let’s check it out.

  • Banana Chips – And discussion would be right if started with the delicious banana chips. This is almost everyone’s favorite of all age of people right from kids to elder ones. And this is quite easy to prepare. Banana chips are quite popular in south India.
  • Vegan Baked Banana Oatmeal – And the name of this banana dish is quite delicious and enough to bring water to your mouth. Saying would not wrong that this Banana dish is a kind of healthy breakfast and you must have this. It comes up with an amazing gooey center and deliciously crisp edges and this is super easy to make. All you need to do is just mix all these things together in a great way following oats, banana chia seeds, banana, dried fruits, and the wonderful seasoning. The next thing you need to do is pouring into a pan and do place is inside the microwave to get baked. And then go ahead for drizzling with PB since it gets better with nut butter.
  • Breakfast Cookies – And the fact cannot be ignored that we all love having cookies in the breakfast. And it gets great when you have breakfast cooked made using the banana. The best thing is that these breakfast cookies are made using the best ingredients such as oats, nut, and butter and so on. All you need to do freeze a few to warm up and do have it in your every busy morning.
  • Banana Nut Muffins – And the next thing on the list is Banana Nut Muffins. This banana recipe takes only 10 minutes to mix. And if you start preparing it at home then you do not need to buy it from the bakery at all. The best thing is that your kitchen will also start smelling quite good. Talking about the important tip is that, you need to mix all nuts so that you will have a larger variety of vitamins as well as minerals. Having the Banana Nut Muffins will surely make you have a lot of fiber and protein amount in a great way. And this is going to be quite healthy for your body too.
  • Bananas Foster French Toast – And there is one more on the list called Banana foster French toast. Yes!!! Bananas foster French toast is just amazing in the taste since it comes up with delightful, indulgent mash-up of cinnamon, fluffy bread having incredibly topped with caramelized bananas to take your mood to next level. The best thing is that there’s no booze in this version, and you will truly fall in love with it since it is just outstanding.
  • Banana Coconut Chia Pudding Parfaits – And there is another on the list called Banana Coconut Chia Pudding Parfaits. Needless to say that this can take your breakfast to the next level with its amazing taste. All you need to do is just blend the pudding ingredients and do let it sit overnight in order to get thicken. And The next thing you need to do is layering it putting banana, walnuts, coconuts, and oats. This recipe is just full of fiber, vitamin, and nutrients. This is good for people of all ages. Moreover, it comes up with the brain-boosting omega-3 so that you can have a tasty and delicious breakfast every morning.
  • Healthy Banana Bread – To prepare healthy banana bread, you do not need to go with eggs or sugar and this thing also makes this recipe completely unique and best. This vegan version uses dates in order to get natural sweetness. And it is topped beautifully with sesame seeds in order to have some great crunch. Moreover, you can also add walnuts in order to have great taste and a good thing to have in every morning in your breakfast.
  • Banana Vanilla Bean Pancakes With Mixed Berry Compote – Have you tried Paleo Pancakes? If you have not then you must. All you need to have the prominent three ingredients in order to prepare this. You may also add the coconut flour in order to get more fiber in comparison of the regular flour. The next thing you need to do is just add honey in the homemade topping since it will truly suit your taste your buds. And it is going to be quite good for your taste and you do not have to buy any sort of fake syrup anymore.
  • Banana Granola – And you may not believe that Boxed granola usually tastes, like a box and you will truly love it. To prepare this recipe, you need to go ahead and combines fresh bananas adding these important things such as almonds, pumpkin seeds, oats, and a touch of maple syrup in order to get a crunchy taste.

How To Buy, Store And Cook

There would be many of you might want to know about it that how to buy the best bananas or what is the right way to store or how it should be cooked. If you have been thinking the same then you have landed at the right place.
And the easy way is that you can easily choose to buy the green, unripe ones. Yes!!! Actually, the unripe bananas can get matured on their own without any trouble as well as can easily go ahead last over a week. If you want to buy the ripe ones then you need to keep in mind that the shade of the bananas needs to be completely yellow in color having black patches as well as the firm body. And therefore you should touch the body of banana while buying. Moreover, you should also check out the ones with unblemished skin at the time of buying.
In order to store a banana, it would be right to store at room temperature. Do keep them away from sunlight otherwise, it will not remain good. Moreover, you should also avoid keeping the banana inside the fridge. Moreover, you should also keep them away from other fruits. The reason is that coming in any contact with fruits such as apples or any other helps to accelerate its ripening process. You can store banana following this way and can have delicious recipes preparing it.


There is no doubt that banana is a superfruit that comes with a great source of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. There has always been a debate about banana at night is good or bad. Ayurvedic experts say that banana-eating at night can make the cough of a person worst whereas nutritionists advise consuming banana at any time. There’s a long list of benefits associated with eating banana morning and evening. Thus, it can be concluded that eating a banana in moderation will not harm.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to add a banana to your diet and see the changes. Stay connected with Jiyo Pal Pal and do keep having this kind of informative news in your inbox.

Have A Happy Banana Day….
Eat Healthy and Stay Healthy… 

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