Why it is important to drink more water at work?

Why it is important to drink more water at work?
Why it is important to drink more water at work?

Before jumping to the main topic, let me questions these things.

  • What if you get ill…?!?
  • Would you love to spend your life like an ill person..?!?
  • Or you want to be a healthy one enough to inspire others as well..?!?
  • If work is your prominent excuse that you make most often for not being conscious towards your health?

Why it is important to drink more water at work?

Why it is important to drink more water at work?
Why it is important to drink more water at work?

We can a number of people surrounding us saying like ….

  • I could not have my breakfast as I was in hurry to reach office.
  • I did not go for jogging due to not having that much time.
  • Since I was in a meeting, I skipped my lunch.
  • I take a number of cup of tea as right now I am a lot of under pressure.

The list does not get ended up as there are innumerable reasons to make

Yes!!! Today, we are going to emphasize on this topic called health. Have you ever contemplated that there is a strong connection between you and your health. You can stay away from many diseases just by keep drinking enough water. Why it is important to drink more water at work?

Do Not Let “Job” Come In Between You and Your Health

Doing JOB is part of our life and we cannot ignore it. But does it sound good to ignore health? Of course, Not. Health is Wealth… we all have been grown up reading this quote. But when we are at work, we hardly care how we are conscious about our health. Why it is important to drink more water at work?

There is no surprise knowing that we spend a lot of hours at work. Saying would not wrong that it is our second home. According to the study, we almost spend 90,000 hours at our workplace throughout the life. As the data clears we are giving a great time to our work, we all need to take care of our health even if we are at work.

People Work Longest Hours In Japan

Japan is a country popular for its economy, invention, world class transportation and so on. Here, people work the longest hours. To put in simple words, they have to work at least 60-70 hours in a week. Therefore we all need to look after our health since dehydration has emerged as the most common health issues at work.

At work, we are like a robot and doing all things quite fast. Many of us have become usual sitting on a chair for long hours, non-stop glaring to our computers, moving from meeting to meeting and so on. Do you think our life should revolve only around these things? Why it is important to drink more water at work?

Benefit Of Drinking Water 

Why it is important to drink more water at work?
Why it is important to drink more water at work?
  1. Drinking Water Means Maintaining the Balance of Body Fluids.
  • Do you know how your brain gets to know that how much water to excrete and how much need hold? It happens through the posterior pituitary gland which helps your brain to communicate to your kidneys.
  • Body is composed of 60% water. And water helps to maintain to bodily fluids in an ideal way like transportation of nutrients, and maintenance of body temperature, digestion, absorption, circulation, and building up saliva.
  1. Drink Water As Much As You Can To Control Calories.
  • We all have been hearing that drinking lots of water helps to lose weight. Have you ever though how it happens? Does water hold any magical effect on weight loss? No, nothing is like this.
  • Actually, drinking water instead of higher calories beverage helps a lot. Non-caloric beverage is considered healthier and plays a major role to trim calorie intake. Why it is important to drink more water at work?
  1. Energize Muscles Having Water
  • It is required to have enough water on a daily basis. If cells would not be able to maintain the balance, they lead to muscle fatigue. Without having enough amount of water, cells cannot perform as they should be.
  • Moreover, drinking water is quite important if doing exercise is part of your life style. According to the study, it is quite essential to have enough fluid intake before and during the physical exercise.
  • How much water you should have before exercise? Studies say that 17 ounces of fluid is necessary to have before exercise. Water replaces fluids lost by sweating. Why it is important to drink more water at work?
  1. To Have Good Looking Skin
  • Apart from applying cosmetic, it is also required to drink plenty of water. Your skin holds plenty of water. The motto of water is a protective barrier in order to let not have an excess fluid loss.
  • It keeps your skin away from having wrinkles. Dehydration makes your skin drier and leads to have wrinkles. Having enough intake of water takes wrinkles away from your skin. Once you get ideally hydrated, your kidney’s work starts as they excrete the extra fluids.
  1. Water Keeps Your Kidneys Healthier
  • The prominent toxin in the body is known as blood urea nitrogen. It is a kind of water-soluble waste that is excreted from the body through the kidneys in the form of urine. It is your kidneys that do an amazing job of cleansing and ridding the toxins of your body. This is why it is suggested to not to hold urine.
  • Not having enough water can lead to having the kidney stone. People living in warm climates are at higher risk for kidney stones. Why it is important to drink more water at work?

How Much Water You Should Drink At Work 

The amount of water varies from person to person that how much they should drink. Experts also examine the life style of an individual before suggesting the amount of water.

First, there is no standard amount of water that one should be consumed daily. But according to the study, men should have 3 liters in a day and women must take 2.2 liters. It is an ideal amount of water. One must have it on a daily basis in order to dissolve minerals and nutrients and let them access to the body.

Employers Must Organize Workplace Hydration Program

  • It is employers’ responsibility to make sure employees are having the easily-accessible water.
  • Apart from scheduling a business meeting, they should also educate the employees about the major benefits of water and about its significance. Why it is important to drink more water at work?
  • It would be good if a Hydration Action Committee is appointed.
  • Encourage employee about how health it is to have plain water
  • Paste the poster having motivated quotes regarding control the intake of sports drinks and sodas.

Being An Employee What Should You Do

  • Install a hydration monitoring app in order to ensure how you are going well.
  • It would be nice if you always carry a water bottle so you will keep sipping it instead of having a wide chuck at a time. Why it is important to drink more water at work?
  • Pack your luck box adding the water-contained fruits and food.
  • Do not give up if you are carving to have soft drinks. It would be good to set yourself a challenge.
  • Make sure that you are going to reduce your coffee and tea intake.

Signs of Dehydration

You would not be able to know how much fluid we lose even doing the normal things. We all are running so busy and that is why Dehydration is something we easily catch up without any prior notice. Sometimes we even do not know that we are going through dehydration. Therefore, we need to be aware of. There is why we are going to mention some prominent symptoms letting you know if what you will feel if dehydrate

  • Dry Mouth
  • Tiredness
  • Less Need To Urinate
  • Headaches
  • Fogginess In The Head
  • Lack Of Concentration.
  • Irritability
  • Confusion
  • Extreme Thirst
  • Quickened Heartbeat
  • Rapid Breathing

Option of Water If It Is Not Available

In case, if water is not available surrounding you at that time, you may switch to fresh juices, health milk prepared beverage, coconut water and so on. It would be better if you keep having a water bottle in your car/bag to stay away from this situation. Moreover, you may also pack your bag with juicy fruits. Eating them lets your thirst relax as well as they are good for health too. Why it is important to drink more water at work?

Try to avoid having the soft drink as they are rich in sugar not good for health. Take at least 2-3 glasses water in the morning. It is good for digestion and helpful to keep going on throughout the day. The morning water intake takes your toxins out of your body and let you feel relax. Make sure you are having fresh and clean water. Quality of water also matters a lot. Why it is important to drink more water at work?

Follow These Easy Tricks For Upping Your Water Intake

Do you every time forget that how to keep reminding yourself about having water? Here, we are going to mention the super easy tricks that will surely help you to keep the water intake good. Following these simple ways help you a lot to sip you more water throughout the day.

  • Every time you go to a new place, drink – Make a habit that you are going to taste the beverage if you are heading to a new place. Every place introduces you a variety of beverages. You must either make a list what you are going to taste if head to that place or add what you love to have.
  • Have a water bottle or sipper – Keep a sipper every time with yourself. You will be able to have whenever you want while running, heading to gym, meeting friends, having meeting conversation and so on.
  • Set an alarm reminding you to drink water – It would be right to set alarm so you would not forget to drink water. It is an easy way to keep one thing in mind that do not forget having water. Set an alarm to remind yourself to drink.
  • Pair food with water -Have a habit to have a beverage with every meal or snack. Do not be like without having a beverage. Make sure that you re having healthy beverage instead of tea, coffee or soda. You may replace is with healthy soup, water, lemon water, fruit juice, shake or coconut water. Choose what goes with your taste.
  • Keep an eye on your skin and body – You have to be more attentive towards your health. For this, keep a close at your skin. You have to be more aware of your thirst. Do not be a thirsty. If you are having fruits and vegetables instead of grains, junk food or starches, you will not have that way much issues.
  • Keep Adding More Hydrating Foods – It would be good to add more hydrating foods like fruits and veggies having great water amount. There is a wide array of like fish, chicken, yogurt, smoothies, and yogurt and so on. It would be good to serve a salad bowl along with the protein sources,
  • Time To Make Your Water Intake A Kind Of Fun – So you do not wish to have a way of having water. Would not you love to make it a bit creative? What can you do? No, you do not need to follow anything tricky. Just a simple rule to follow. Add the fruits to your water bottle that you love. It can be apples, cinnamon, citrus fruits, berries, mint or cucumber or anything that you love. Apart from having water, you will have a slice of your favourite fruit while having it. Why it is important to drink more water at work?

In the last

Though water keeps us healthy, fresh and happy, we also need to understand that how to save water. Nature is like our mother and we need to protect it before it gets late. The more you give to nature, the more nature gives you.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go for increasing the intake of water in your life style to stay healthy. Do not ignore even if you are at work.

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