You need this one thing to be happy

You need this one thing to be happy
You need this one thing to be happy

Unfortunately, people are living in a world that is surrounded by fear. As when you get up early in the morning and open a newspaper, or browse a website, listen to a radio station you will probably find something happening in the society that is truly related to fear. Challenges have become part of human life and the earth is one of the scariest places ever existing for a human. Even in your day to day activities, you might be experiencing something on the others where you have to face lots of people and experience fearful things. You need this one thing to be happy

You need this one thing to be happy

You need this one thing to be happy
You need this one thing to be happy

Obviously, all these challenges may make you understand that the circumstances are actually life challenging, experimenting and often discouraging things. Whatever may come and go in your life you have to always stay happy. Hope is the only energy booster that will make you feel happy most of the time. A simple definition will describe “what is hope ?” It is just a feeling of trust you build or exception about something or just a desire to achieve something to be successful. You need this one thing to be happy

The definition of what is hope is not just enough for you to understand but, being you may expect something more than that. How do we actually gain hope?  how to become hopefully and so on. To clarify all such questions go through the following as you will find a solution for all things. You need this one thing to be happy

  • Occupy yourself – Whenever you are alone, then your mind starts taking advantage of external things that are happening around you. Often many hopeless things happened in the world that disturbs your peace of mind. Accompany yourself in getting involved in the things that you like the most. By doing so you will have the chance to fill up space and get involved with the community. Then you will ultimately find a right way to easily keep yourself happy and achieve in your life. You need this one thing to be happy
  • Pray to God – God is always the savior and the ultimate person who makes you feel happy. Prayer is the best tool that gets you closer to the hopes that you have in your life. It is the way in which you can express your feelings and desire towards the things that you would like to achieve in your life which gives you lots of happiness and satisfaction. Have trust in the god as he will always keep you away from fears and challenges that you come across. To surprise you one-day things will change as god knows how to make you feel happy each day. You need this one thing to be happy
  • Try to be kind to yourself – Think what you need the most in your life and do it to achieve. It can be simply anything like having a cup of coffee, talking with your friends, reading books, enjoying the movie or anything that you are more passionate about. Permit yourself to do whatever you want and never restrict yourself. When you are in your work if you need a break accept it and sit relaxed. These small things will build hope for yourself that will help you to analyze what your life is all about.Then you will have positive perception towards the things happening around you. You need this one thing to be happy
  • Consider that every day is a precious gift – Daily start your day considering it as the precious gift from the God. You are born to achieve something that has already been designed by The Almighty. Be vigilant in searching for the things and people to appreciate. Give a shift of your gaze to appreciation. You are blessed to have whatever you want in your life and be thankful for that and create a hope to have a bright tomorrow.
  • Make a Difference – The difference matters a lot! Just reach beyond your expectations and normal scope that will balance the hope you have in your life. This is an ideal way in which you can keep up great things to take place. Every time you start making a difference in your life, then you are most likely to get closer to create hope for yourself.   In fact, the accumulated gestures of care and compassion eventually become a part of the transformation of your own life. If such things happen then you will probably feel hopeful that everything is good which in turn makes you feel happy for everything. You need this one thing to be happy
  • Always try to help people who are in need – One of the best ways to gain hope in yourself is to help the people around you. This simple thing will reflect back as they directly or indirectly be a part of making you hopefully. It can be simple encouragement from other people, or just an action will fill you with hope. Someday you may require the same help from the same person or others whom you helped when they are in tough situations. And this will be a helping hand for you to create hope for yourself.
  • Have a strong belief in hope – The hope you have in your life is what you have to believe. As life is more challenging, you may face lots of situations that will pull away from your hopes and make you feel that you lost everything. But never get disappointed with the worldly things as they are pretending to threaten you. To overcome this you have to build hope within yourself by taking advantage of the even negative situation that happened in your life. It is not something that is only happening to you, but the entire world is made to be such. You have to change the perspective and the way in which you look at all the things.

How Do You Spend Your Time?

The fact cannot be ignored that time is one of the most valuable things. And you cannot let it go simple. You need to know that how to manage your time in a great way. No doubt, this is so precious. If you value it, this will value you as well. So you need to create that balance to create magic. Would not you love to know that what people most often regret once they reach the point in their life? Let’s know more about it so it would encourage you to manage the time in a great way.

  • Why I followed others? Why I did not try to be myself. It would be quite right if I would not have tried to emulate others. It is my life and I do hold the right to live according to me. If I would have done that I actually want, results would have been great. You need this one thing to be happy
  • People do often regret that I wish I would have worked hard at that time. Here, we need to understand that everything single thing holds its perfect time to get done and you should not let it go. Once you miss the chance, it becomes quite tough to handle. So, this is the very important thing to understand.
  • The next thing is that people do regret that they should not hide that. It would be nice at that time to show their feelings. Why I tried to conceal them. I think I should not do that. And this is very much true. Why should you hide that? If you having a love for anyone, just show them. The more you show, the more you will get. And it comes up in the form of love, success, and passion. You need this one thing to be happy
  • Money is not everything. And this is true. Though initially, you would not get it, later you would realize it. Someone has rightly said that when you are in trouble, your office, boss, clients would not come to help you but your family and friends. So this is very much indeed true that you must spare some time for them.
  • And the last thing on the list is that I wish if I would have tried to keep myself happier. Why did I not do that? What was wrong with me? I spent my life like a hell while I might make it truly beautiful. I would have some great memories that right I do not have it I just kept contemplating and mulling. Why it was too tough for me to stay happy and spreading love.? It is not that way much actually tough as it is considered. Someone has rightly said that one who is happy can spread the love. The frustrated man can also contribute frustration to the world. So, it is good to be happy and self-content. After all, this is so easy to do.

For a happy life, you need to do whatever you want. You should not regret at a certain point in life that why you did not do this. And what can be painful than regretting something? You need this one thing to be happy

How To Get To Know If You Are Really Happy?

The next thing pops up in the mind that if am I really happy? I mean what’s the thing that makes you really happy? Do you know exactly what is that either subtle or major thing? There would be a few who may raise their hands. no worries, it happens. Most of us are running confused and that is not a big deal.

But what about that particular time when your boss points out an error in your work? How do you feel at that time? Do you hold anguish or anger that what the hell is going on? How much time do you take to get over all this? But what about the things behind that which made you face that situation? Did you ever think in this way? See…this is very important to ask right question first since only when you would have the right answer.  Chances are that you might not be up to the mark in your work and that lead to that humiliation you faced. What do you think? If it ever happens like you are perfectly good and your boss said that it must not be in this way? No, it would not happen since when you are master of your skills, the entire world is going to be yours. So, here is the answer, you need to work on your skills to get mastered as much as you can. The more you hone your skills, the more you would achieve.

And what if you and your girlfriend made a plan to stroll together to have some good time together but she is late and a bit busy with her work? How does it sound? Are you going to happy with this behavior? What do you need to do in this situation to get happy? Here, you truly need to understand the situation. What if she leaves her job? Does it go to solve this issue? No, It would not but worse. We all know how the price of everything is rising…one would not be able to meet the end.  The couple needs to be at work and this is the truth. In this situation, what you can do is just try to understand the situation. The more you get into the layers and look through that, you would come across your answers. You may either help your girlfriend to make her at peace. This rules should be applied to both partners.

Though the thing cannot be ignored that this is a bit tough to understand that what happiness is really is? Many of you may have got agreed with me while some may not. Would you like to understand me going a bit deep into all this? Are you ready? Alright… Let’s understand …

First, happiness does not belong to any occurrence of an event but it can be said that it is a state of mind. You might have noticed that rich peopepeoplenot always happy. Or you may have found a poor man seems very happy even having empty pockets. So, what’s the difference in that? I mean it is so confusing to understand….Does not it? Yeah…It is. See…If you try to make your happiness tied to the occurrence of an event, you might not be able to get happy ever. Now, the point comes why …?!? This is because results are not in hand. You cannot predict that the exactly what you think is going to happen. You cannot control the results but your state of mind. Past and future are out of your control…the thing that you cannot control is your present. You can control the way that how you would deal with that. Happiness does not depend on presence or absence of something in your life. You need to get over this notion if you believe this. Happiness is completely a state of mind. You need to know what person you are and what can affect or what cannot. You need this one thing to be happy

So, if you wish to be get embarked on a journey to get happy, you need to start right at this moment without thinking so much.

  • First, stop being fake and believing in superficial things. Be you and be loveable to your dear ones.
  • Focus on energy that you hold, and go with that. Stop circumventing your power, you can do anything that you dream of.
  • Do not get frustrated, if not getting success in the process of making feel happy. It takes time as it is a bit beyond to the superficial things.
  • Do understand that happy hormones are within you and they will be released if you start pampering them.
  • There are a very simple thing that “Happiness attracts happiness and Sadness draws sadness” so do keep this thing in your mind,,, it is going to help you a lot.

So, if you feel your victim, chuck this thought. You just need to believe in yourself. Stop getting annoying, feeling miserable or frustrated. Hold your patience. Do not go with the things not in your hand or in control. Be nice to the person around you. Make sure that you are making good friends, so they would make you get filled with incredible energy. Emotional support is everything. Keep one thing is your mind that you are going to receive, the way you respond. If you give, you will have a lot. If you are one of them belief in taking advantage of things, you will also be treated in the same way. You need this one thing to be happy


Perhaps the life is always scary as you do not know what type of challenges you have to face on your way. Whatever it may be you have to always stay positive and fill hope. Even though they fail to work out, but definitely one day you will deserve to be happy with what you should be. Search for the hope in your own life, then you will definitely find it even if your life is hopeless.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to follow the best things in your life to make it a bit happier. Staying happy is not a tough thing to do a lot.

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