10 habits of people who always have clean house

10 habits of people who always have clean house
Clean house

Yes!!! We all know that it is our house where we feel quite relaxed, happy and satisfied. Today, our topic is associated with it since we are going to narrow down the most prominent 10 habits of people who always have a clean house. Would not you love to check it out? Here’s you go… 10 habits of people who always have clean house

10 habits of people who always have clean house

10 habits of people who always have clean house
Clean house

Do you ever admire how well organized people keep their homes? I always like to read the daily routines and habits of others and shared some of my own in Love The Home You Have.

Unless you can have a live-in maid, keeping a clean and organized house isn’t always an easy task. When it comes to cleaning, some of us don’t have the time we need or the energy required, or the motivation to get going.

Lately, I’ve been doing some thinking about what habits or rules are needed or helpful, particularly in cleaning and organizing the home. 10 habits of people who always have clean house

So, if you’re ready to get dirt and clutter under control, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some good habits that’ll help you for keeping a perpetually tidy home. And if you already have these habits then you are the lucky one.
10 habits of people who always have clean house 10 habits of people who always have clean house

  • You still make your bed every morning in – As right now, at 5:30 am, it’s the rise of a new day. This is the only time of the day where you’re 100 percent in control of your surroundings because your kids are (hopefully) still in bed enjoying the last hour of their sleep. So own it. Make the bed. Start your day strong. It’s all downhill after that. 10 habits of people who always have clean house
  • You’ve had stop putting clothes away neatly – Because really, what’s more fun for a kid than pulling deftly and neatly folded shirt out of bedroom drawers? It’s sad seeing your efforts being thrown all over the floor with such wild spirit, so you’ve decided to go for good enough: smushing clothes hurriedly into drawers rather of folding them in a proper manner; strategically locating those nice raffia baskets around the house so you can shove the unorganized piece of cloth in there when guests pop by; or it might work as a clothing corner where you put all the dirty clothes until the laundry day comes, most probably you had placed this secret basket partially hidden by a nice indoor plant. It is easy to hide dirty clothes and give you some extra time to do other important household tasks. 10 habits of people who always have clean house
  • Your sink is always dirty but you still clean everything right after cooking – Each day involves multiple visits to the kitchen, and all these visits to the kitchen are not just for cleaning the plates and pans. You have to go to the kitchen in every hour to fill the bottles, sippy cups, clean the toys and anything else that’s managed to be smeared with food or thrown in the dirt. If you’re blessed, you might have a spouse who rolls up their sleeves and gets stuck into the final round of kitchen turmoil after dinner while you finish unexpectedly folding the laundry in front of the TV, because you will certainly cry if you have to clean the dishes for the fourth time today. And in the end, you find your house clean and shining.
  • Shoes and coats are where they belong. – After school, your kids walk into the door and hang up their coats and then place their shoes by the bench and if they don’t you’ll do it. Doing this actually makes your mornings smoother as you don’t have to rush in the entire house to find the other pair of your shoe.
  • You try to wipe down surfaces after every use – Yes, you tries but you don’t wipe it after every use, because your toddler has gone suspiciously quiet, or is about to eat out from your pets bowl, or basically about to do something much riskier than leaving a bathroom or kitchen surface unwiped. So you can deal with the clear and present danger instead. Though in the end because of your habit to keep your house clean you wipe the surface after every use.
  • Laundry is not just a task for you; laundry is your life – Your real goal in life now is to pick up clothes from the floor of every single room, clean them, dry them, fold them, and put them in the drawer, and then do it all again, over and over. Also, it doesn’t matter how many times you do laundry, the pile of clothes to wash will always be there waiting for you to wash them. But laundry is your life and you end up washing almost all the dirty clothes.
  • You always put things in the right place – You always put things at the right place so that you can find the anything whenever you need. Though we all know that they won’t be there when you need them as you are the only one who put the thing back where they belong not everyone in your house does that.
  • Hide specific cleaning supplies in each room -You are so obsessed with cleaning that you should have a main cleaning caddy under the kitchen sink, Sforza likes to keep rooms fresh in between thorough cleanings, by storing specific cleaning supplies in each room. For example, in the living room, in the bedroom, near the hallway and basically in every possible place to keep your house clean at every time.
  • You dust and vacuum regularly – Not to forget mop and steam and dab and wipe and disinfect and spray and wipe too, yet nothing ever stays clean for more than a couple of minutes. But you keep on doing it, as you have a habit to keep things clean.
  • You’re just too buggered to align everything up (again) before bed – After slumping unconscious on the couch with a glass of wine at night, done cooking, cleaned, worked, cleaned, and cared for your kids, cleaned and now you just cannot be able to do cleaning up one more time. Because let’s face it we all know that it’s all going to happen again tomorrow, and who knows how much good sleeping time your kid’s going to allow you tonight? It is good hit the hay instead. You’re going to need your rest to prepare yourself for cleaning tomorrow.

Hope, reading all this you may have got idea about you that if you belong to this kind of personality or not…
Well!!! Do not forget to put your feedback below… we are waiting to interact you as your feedback keep encouraging us.
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