10 relaxing colors and how they affect your life

10 relaxing colors and how they affect your life
10 relaxing colors and how they affect your life

The colors you see in your home and office can affect your life? Yup, every color we see affect our emotions, energy level, mood and how we work. Chromo therapy is a therapy that fully based on the concept of effect of colors in our life.10 relaxing colors and how they affect your life

10 relaxing colors and how they affect your life

10 relaxing colors and how they affect your life
10 relaxing colors and how they affect your life

If you always feel stressed, then some colors can help you to make relax and joyful. Colors have positive and negative effect in our life. We have compiled a list of ten colors that relax you.

  1. Yellow –  It is the color of energy and life. Whenever your eye lay on yellow color you will feel lively and energetic. It is the perfect color for your bed room. When you wake up in the morning this color is perfect to kick start your day. You can also place yellow color artifacts at home. In recent studies, it is proven that peoples living in yellow color room seems to be more conscious and active. Yellow color works best in bed room, office, drawing room, and kitchen. So, with the help of yellow color you can fully energized throughout your day. 10 relaxing colors and how they affect your life
  2. Grey – As grey is shade of black mostly people think that it is bit depressing color, dull and boring. But having Grey color at home or at office affect your life positively. It holds enough power to relax the atmosphere. Grey has a very soothing and cooling presence. You can use Grey in your drawing room interior with blue and white or you can use it at office that helps you to manage work pressure. When grey color is used with shades of white and blue it works really well to influence positive in you. 10 relaxing colors and how they affect your life
  3. Violet – Violet holds power to make you feel inner peace and to bring balance in your life. It is also the symbol of wisdom, peace and strength. In new research it is proven that, power of meditation becomes ten times when done under violet light. Having violet color at home is said to be good in maintaining the potassium and sodium balance of body, it helps in better growth of bone. Violet also consider as cooling color, you can take benefit of it at your office in creating peaceful environment. You can also use violet color decorative items at home. Use violet color once you will understand the positive effect of it in your life.
  4. White – It is one of the best relaxing color. White color symbolizes the purity and clarity. Room painted with white is good for older, white also refers for calm nature. You can also use white in kid room, it helps them to manage stress of studies and clarity of thoughts. As you know dirt is easily seen on white, so you need to make it clean and maintain its purity. Otherwise the dullness on white color also reflected to your mood and make it dull. 10 relaxing colors and how they affect your life
  5. Pink – Pink is considering to be as color of females. So, mostly it used in girl room but pink in itself hold power to calm you and make you feel relaxed. In Feng Shui, it is considered as,” pink soothes various energies in a room and keep them understand”. Pink is a symbol of color that promotes tranquility and peace. Having shades of pink in any part of your home helps in balancing the energies and peace of house.
  6. Green – Green symbolizes the nature and having this color at home helps you to stay calm and refreshed thought out the day. Light green is considered as more relaxing, as it reflects the budding greenery. And another shade yellow-green is known for its stress-reducing effect on our life. You can use green in interior of your house. There is also believe that, green increases the flow of money.
  7. Blue – It is the color of sky represents the freedom, as well as sea also have blue color which gives you a cooling effect whenever your eye lay on blue color. It is very relaxing color that clam your mind, make you feel cool, slow down your heart beat and has unique power to manage stress. Blue is widely used in home interiors to make you feel free from stress and calm your body. Most preferred shade of blue is light blue.
  8. Purple – Purple stands for royalty many emperors used to symbolize their royalty and luxury. It also relaxes you by making you feel like king and rich. This color helps to stimulate the creative part of the brain. Using purple color at home give your home a rich royal look with minimal efforts. In studies it is observed that, having purple a color at study room help to boost the creativity of kid and increase their performance at dramatically at professional front. 10 relaxing colors and how they affect your life
  9. Orange – Orange color helps to maintain the energy level of your body. It is considered as the most preferred color for personal gym, kitchen and dining room. It is very welcoming color and helps you to simulate the bright vibration of your body. Having this at office, work well if often feel tried while working. It never let you feel dull and make you fully active. 10 relaxing colors and how they affect your life
  10. Red – Red is symbol of fire, rise your energy and excitement. Red is popular in restaurant because red color increase blood flow, increase hunger and also helps costumer to make quick decision about what they want to eat. Whenever you feel dull and boring look at red color for few minutes ignite the excitement and also simulate your energy level. All these properties of red make it perfect choice for dining room and living room.

So, what about you?  Which one is your favorite and why?  Do not forget to share with us as we are waiting your feedbacks and views to get indulged in. 10 relaxing colors and how they affect your life

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