5 Best places to be visited in Meghalaya

5 Best places to be visited in Meghalaya
5 Best places to be visited in Meghalaya

You are holiday and thinking how to make it memorable. This is the time you need expert advice and we are here for it. First, you can choose Meghalaya as this is one of the beautiful places. The beauty of this place cannot be explored in words. Here, we are going to share that what places you must visit. Let’s Know A Bit About Meghalaya

5 Best places to be visited in Meghalaya

5 Best places to be visited in Meghalaya
Mawlynnong village

Meghalaya is situated in northeastern part of India. It is also called the Abode of the Clouds. Meghalaya is the wettest place in the world because of which it have numerous rain lovers/ travelers in monsoon. Every year, a number of people visit this place since it is quite beautiful. If you are looking for the best place then it is a perfect place to head. This state is the pioneer of natural beauty with much beautiful sight seen. Mainly the inhabitants of this state are Khasis, Pnars and Garos, there mode of livelihood is cultivation. So, are you ready to get embarked on the lovely journey to Assam? Let’s check it out the lovely places – The Following Are The Most Visited Landmarks Of Meghalaya:- 5 Best places to be visited in Meghalaya

1. Living Root Bridges:-Living root Bridges are the most well known tourist spot in Meghalaya. These are manmade bridges with the roots of the trees, which are found in the ad mist of dense forest which are covered with clouds accompanied by downpour maximum in the year. Why Should Visit This Place –

  • The prominent reason is that if you love nature and wish to get indulged with it, you must go for it.
  • These bridges are being made by Khasi tribe from the roots of the rubber trees. And they worth to visit and you must not ignore it at rate. 5 Best places to be visited in Meghalaya
  • Cherrapunji and Mawlynnong are the two places where you can visit these bridges. It is a lovely place to head with family and friends. 5 Best places to be visited in Meghalaya

2. Mawphlang Holy Forest:-The next one on the list is Mawphlang. It is blessed with incredible beauty and a kind of paradise for the visitors. Mawphlang is situated around 50 minutes from Shillong in the eastern Khasi Hills. Why Should You Visit – 5 Best places to be visited in Meghalaya

  • It is the in habitat of the sacred plantation of the Khasi tribe. This plantation area is abundance of medicinal trees.
  • There is also Khasi Heritage Village near the holy forest which has beautiful tribal cottages. Exploring this would be a great as you will come across a different experience.
  • It is a wonderful experience to spend a day in these cottages and stay in the lap of nature. To explore the lovely nature, you must go ahead. Staying in cottage will take you another world.

3. Magnificent caves:- Meghalaya is a house of numerous ancient caves. Mawsmai cave, near Cherrapunji is often visited by the tourists. This cave is always litted for the visiting of tourists. Why Should You Visit –

  • If you want to visit the other caves then you have to carry proper caving equipments and should have a guide who will help you to visit the caves in the most proper and safe way.
  • Few of these caves are- Mawmluh, Mawsynram, Siju and Liat Prah. It seems essential to mention that it is the longest cave in India and it will be a great fun to explore it. 5 Best places to be visited in Meghalaya

4. Gora Hills:-Gora Hills is located in the western part of Meghalaya. Nature lovers should surely visit this place which is full of greenery and thick forest. Gora Hills already holds a beautiful name and it is quite according to its name. You must not get confused as this is the best place Why Should You Visit –

  • There is a comprehensive range of places that you must not ignore including Balpakhram National Park, Nokrek Biosphere Reserve, Siju Wildlife Sanctuary. They all are located in this region.
  • There is a tourist office, in Tura which is the second largest city in the state which provides guides and organizes trips to the caves. It means you are not going to confuse at any rate.
  • Samrakshan is a nonprofit institution, which preserves the forest area and organizes trips to South Garo Hills.
  • Butterfly trip is a must visit. And that is why you must not ignore this place otherwise you may skip a wide chunk of happiness. 5 Best places to be visited in Meghalaya

5. Mawlynnong –  “Cleanest Village in Asia” Mawlynnong is located nearly three hour away from Shillong. To reach Mawlynnong village one have to travel approx three hours from Shillong. Mawlynnong is also known as “God’s Own Garden”, this small village is the remarkable landmark of group based tourism. Here, we are going to share why you should visit this place Why Should You Visit – 5 Best places to be visited in Meghalaya

  • The in habitats made a framework with the help of bamboo trees of this forest at the height of 80 feet.
  • Through this platform one can see the whole view of the village at one glance and even sweep view of Bangladesh is also visible. 5 Best places to be visited in Meghalaya
  • The best and adventurous accommodation in Mawlynnong is the tree houses constructed by the native residents.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go ahead to have a lot of fun and enjoyment with family. The best thing is that we are here to cater you the best information regarding the best places. And Meghalaya is one of the best that you must not ignore at any rate. If you have been hunting the best place, then your search gets ended up here. Meghalaya is just a paradise for the nature lovers. It is time to pack your bag and head to a lovely journey that will refresh you completely. What do you think about this written stuff? If something we have left then you may go ahead to correct us. We are here to listen from your side. Stay connected With Us Jiyo Pal Pal…Have A Happy Reading…

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