Aa gaya hero movie review

Aa gaya hero movie review
Aa gaya hero movie review

Govinda is back to the big screen being a hero in a film that is titled Aa Gaya Hero. As Inspector Ravindra Verma, Govinda (still stuck in the ‘90s) is following a terrorist, who cross-dresses and calls himself ‘nature’. His uncanny, wolf-like laugh is the only mark to identify him, and Verma expects to hear that laugh once again

Aa gaya hero movie review

Aa gaya hero movie review
Aa gaya hero movie review
  • Genre – Action
  • Star Cast – Govinda, Ashutosh Rana, Milind Shinde, Makarand Deshpande, Murli Sharma
  • Director –Deepankar Senapati
  • Rating –  1.5/5

STORY: Supercop Ravindra Verma (Govinda) is called in to tackle the law and order situation in a city after a villain unleashes his madness. It is about crime, gangsters and a sincere police officer who is attempting to punish the wrong-doers. With many subplots running concurrently with no particular goal, the film seems like an invocation of crime gummed-up like a poorly made documentary which is infrequently punctuated with songs. Supercop Ravindra Verma (Govinda) tries to maintain law and order by applying a strategy called ‘Abhinay Chakra’ but not before conferring a file about this to the president of the country. The ‘Abhinay Chakra’ is a rational take on how all of us are actors and each and all of us is merely playing our parts. Aa gaya hero movie review

REVIEW: How do you get over Govinda’s image from the 90’s films? It’s easy- you don’t! His style of comedy seems a tad antiquated, which describes why it must have been hard for the super entertainer to make a jaunty comeback. Aa Gaya Hero is a proof to why his films may not have run of late.Aa gaya hero movie review
With an inexistent tale, all the film does is exalt Govinda. The actor strives hard to bring in his well-known swag as he plays the James Bond-like cop. He is courageous and has a way of cogent everyone. As a fearless super cop, he proposes something called an ‘Abhinay Chakra’ to the Home Minister. The entire idea is to act out a contrived operation in order to catch a supervillain, whose only identification is a maniacal wolf like laugh.

As it is anticipated from a Govinda movie, there are song and dance sequences, over-the-top dialogues. But in Aa Gaya Hero, he attempts to surpass all the senseless comedies of the 90’s while doing a supposedly serious role, clothed in track suits and tuxedos. Aa gaya hero movie review

There are cast like Milind Shinde, Ashutosh Rana, Makarand Deshpande and Murli Sharma who are totally wasted. The film is full of irrelevant comedy that goes on for two hours and if you endure to the end of it, a Finisher trophy is the least the producers can give you. Aa gaya hero movie review

Forget to mention about, our Bond-esque Chi Chi woos multiple arm-candies and breaks into a dance in every five minutes during the whole movie. Sadly, besides the actor’s trademark dance moves, there is nothing meriting watching here. The movie was nothing what expected from the fans. The hero might make a comeback soon and hope this time a relevent one. Aa gaya hero movie review

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