Bar Bar Dekho movie review

Bar Bar Dekho movie review
Bar Bar Dekho movie review

September’s second Friday is dedicated to Siddharth Malhotra and Katrina Kaif starrer “Bar Bar Dekho”….Here, we are going to examine it through our magnifying glass. Let’s check it out. Bar Bar Dekho movie review

Bar Bar Dekho movie review

Bar Bar Dekho movie review
Bar Bar Dekho movie review
  • Genre – Romance
  • Star Cast – Katrina Kaif, Sidharth Malhotra, Ram Kapoor, Sarika
  • Director – Nitya Mehra
  • Rating –  3 /5

Story Of Bar Bar Dekho

Jai Verma (Siddhartha Malhotra) and Diya Kapoor (Katrina Kaif) are childhood friends and share a special bonding with each other. Jai is a kind of guy, who wishes  to get overwhelmed with money, success etc. He is inspired by his own dreams and never wish to compromise with them. Bar Bar Dekho movie review

He is a brilliant mathematician. On the other hand Diya is easy going and simple girl who understand the value of family, relation and love in the life. When they both are just about to get tie in the knot, Jai experiences that there is something making him feel like he is going to get trapped. Then the Time Travelling Twist comes into the movie to make it a bit spicier. Bar Bar Dekho movie review

Let’s Examine The Script

Bar Bar Dekho is just like a mirror to get realised if we enjoy what we already have. We all are just getting indulged in making money, getting promotion, career etc. Amid of all this, we forget how to love and how to make space for someone close to heart. We stop experiencing the happiness surrounding us. Bar Bar Dekho movie review

The film comes along with the time travelling concept which we all have already seen in many Hollywood movie. There are some point where it does not get justified. Bar Bar Dekho movie review

Star Performance

  • Sidharth Malhotra – He portrayed his character excellently and get success to convince the audience. Apart from his look, he also looks great doing acting. Saying would not be wrong that he put all possible efforts to do justice with his role. Bar Bar Dekho movie review
  • Katrina Kaif – She looks stunning in this movie. She is not good at the time of acting in emotional scene. If she works over her acting skill, it might be good for her and for the movie both. Though she worked over her body and that is why her killer abs express better than her. Bar Bar Dekho movie review
  • Ram Kapoor – He did great job as her father. His character may bring a smile on your face.

And the rest star cast including Rohan Joshi, Sayani Gupta, Rajit Kapoor etc. did a great job.


There is no need to mention that songs of movie are good and great to listen. If you go for watching this movie, would not control yourself humming the songs. Music has already got hit before its release.

Why To Watch

  • If you love movie having some kind of science related magic. Bar Bar Dekho movie review
  • If you are die-hard fan of Siddhartha or Katrina and can watch anything in which they are.
  • If you wish to understand that why you should leave any stone unturned to make your present great and wonderful. Bar Bar Dekho movie review

In The Last 

Though the movie name is Bar Bar Dekho but it just a one-time watch movie. The story of movie is good but it has not portrayed good on the silver screen. If the work would done be on the emotional scenes to make them perfect, it may become great and worth to watch again and again. Bar Bar Dekho movie review

Well…The Weekend has started…and you may go for watching it… Bar Bar Dekho movie review

Have a Happy Movie Time….

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