Befikre movie review

Befikre movie review
Befikre movie review

Ranveer is not known only because of his marvelous acting skills but for having cool nature too. He is pretty much energetic and keep pampering it all the time. Befikre somewhere is closed to his nature. The movie has released this Friday and here we are going to check it out all about this movie. Befikre movie review

Befikre movie review

Befikre movie review
Befikre movie review
  • Genre – Romantic Comedy
  • Star Cast – Ranveer Singh, Vaani Kapoor
  • Director –Aditya Chopra
  • Rating –  3/5

Befikre’s Story

The story around a duo Dharam and Shyra and they both are quite energetic & daredevil. Actually, Dharam is a stand-up comedian at a club in Paris and he come across Shyra during a tour in Paris. Since they both share a kind of same nature, they become friend within no time. They start playing game like “I dare you” and they both get indulge in relationship. But later, they find that it becomes somewhere an emotional baggage which is tough to carry.

And that is why they two party ways promising each other to meet again and remain just friends. But friendship brings them closer again. In between all this, Shyra meets Anay who falls in love with Shyra. On the other hand, Dharam is also involved with someone else in a non-serious relationship. But Dharm also does not want her to go along with Anay. What happens next? If Shyra and Dharam made for each other’s? You have to head theater to know this. Befikre movie review

Why To Watch

  • Being a new age people, you must go to watch this if hold interest in this kind of story.
  • Ranveer Singh did a great job. And it would absolutely be fun to see him as a carefree dude after playing Bajirav in which he was quite serious. For the Ranveer Singh’s fan, this movie is going to be jam. As we all know, he oozes with amazing energy and the character somewhere is closed to his energy.
  • Bani Kapoor is another highlight of this movie to go for watching it. Yeah, she also did a great job and watching her would be fun. At some points, her chemistry with Ranveer is just mind blowing.


All songs of movie have already made space in top chart busters and pretty much popular among the youth. Whether it is title song Ude Dil Befikre or Nashe Si Chad Gyi, they both are just amazing and force you to try leg at dance floor.Befikre movie review Befikre movie review

What about the script

The movie’s script is going to deal with the new age mentality and confusion regarding love game. At some point in life, we all have face this kind of confusion where we wish to get the emotional baggage off from our shoulder. Aditya Chopra assumed this situation by keeping a close eye and put the essence in the movie. And that is why saying would not wrong that this movie deals with modern day relationship. They are too many things to watch.

So, what are you waiting for? This weekend you must go to become Befikre…..why should be serious all the time….

Have a happy weekend…..

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