Blank Movie Review

Blank movie review
Blank movie review

Blank is going to excite the fans of Sunny Deol since they would see him after a long time. The best thing is that this movie is thriller based. The story is all about a young Muslim boy Hanif who is going to be a human bomb in this movie for Jihadis of unclear provenance. It would right say that he is just a pawn in their religious business. Moreover, he does it without having any particular purpose except going for a series bomb blasts in India blindly.

Blank Movie Review

Blank movie review
Blank movie review
  • Genre – Action
  • Star Cast – Sunny Deol, Karan Kapadia, Karanvir Sharma
  • Director –Behzad Khambata
  • Rating –  2/5

Story of The Movie

Blank kicks off on a promising note. The opening scene is all set to impress you in a great way. If you are a great Sunny Deol fan then you must go for this movie to have a lot of fun. The film is all about the eradicating the terrorists. The story of the movie is good but it could be better if more work would be done over the script. This movie is all about a terrorist. Therefore this movie is pretty much suspense and thriller film. The movie keeps you engaged to the last, And you can also enjoy a lot of action scenes.

The movie is all about Haneef whose father is killed in front of him quite mercilessly. He is not able to forget all this. He still keeps having bad dreams of his daddy’s murder. He remains tensed. During all this, he also has to fight to Police and Anti Terrorism Squad ATS. The study comes up with the information that other people are also included with Haneef. Terrorist Maksood is putting the best efforts to spread fear and about to do a total number of 25  blasts.

Why  Should You Watch This Movie 

The movie is all about introducing the kids of the Kapadia family. Karan is going to kick off his career as an action hero. You will find a movie worth to watch since it comes with a great story. The movie remains quite interesting right from starting to end. The thriller content keeps you engaged to the list. Sunny Deol will be seen playing the character of ATS chief S.S. Deewaan. Ishita Dutta and KAranveer Sharma will also be seen in the movie.

What About The Performance 

Sunny Deol did justice with his character completely. Karan Kapadia also did a great and you will surely love it. He left a great mark as an Action Hero. Sunny Deol is going to be a great treat for his fans because of his outstanding performance and dialogues.

Cinematography and Direction

The direction of the movie is just outstanding and it shows in the movie. The best thing is that you will not get bored because of the amazing cinematography and direction.

In The Last 

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go and watch a movie. You will definitely love it.

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