Bundi – Rajasthan

Bundi - Rajasthan - India
Bundi – Rajasthan – India

Though we are living in technology world, but Time-Machine have not invented yet. There is no one in the world who doesn’t wish to have a Time-Machine to step back in time. Well!!! It will take some more time to get invented. You may get shocked that why I am talking about this.

Yes!!! There is a great reason behind starting the article with above mentioned lines. Can you expect to experience the past without having a time-machine. Yes!!! It can be done if visit Bundi’s fort, Baoli, Water Tank, exquisitely decorated mansions, fortresses, step wells, Lake etc. All these monuments hold the great power to bridge the gap and take you another world where you will find yourself quite close to the past. Do wish to know how? Let’s take a look.

Glorify History of Bundi

If turn the page of history, we come across that this area came under the Chauhan rulers in the 12th century. Bundi got its name from its one of the former rulers Meena King who was known as Bunda Meena. In the starting, it was called Bunda-ka-Nal which stands for Bunda’s narrow ways. It’s a witness of Rajput Glory. In 1624, it was spilt into two parts Kota and Bundi.

Reasons to schedule a visit to Bundi

  • If wish to step back to experience the magical atmosphere of centuries past, then nothing can be greater than Bundi as it’s a heritage town lakes, forts, water tanks, picture galleries, Bowli and much more. All the monuments and architectures established at Bundi quite busy to flaunt their magic.
  • It’s a captivating place to experience the ancient Rajasthan since it is blessed with a number of historic sites. Visitors come to take a peek of the splendour of the local Rajput Chiefs. The walls, pillars, roof and façade of the palaces overwhelmed with life-size frescoes exploring the glory of its ruler.

Major Tourist Attractions in Bundi 

  • NAWAL SAGAR LAKE –  It’s an artificial lake which can be seen from the Taragarh Fort. It adds great add value to the beauty of Taragarh Fort. It’s another place which attracts a number of visitors.
Nawal Sagar Lake - Bundi - Rajasthan - India
Nawal Sagar Lake – Bundi – Rajasthan – India
  • RANIJI KI BAORI – It was built by Rani Nathavatji in 1699 and known for its intricate and sophisticated carving. It’s 46m deep and rewarded as a largest Baori of Bundi.
Raniji-ki-Baori - Bundi - Rajasthan - India
Raniji-ki-Baori – Bundi – Rajasthan – India
  • RATAN DAULAT – It was built by Raja Rao Ratan Singh and that’s why it got this name. The incredible structure having nine hours is enough to leave the visitors mesmerized. Before visiting this place, it’s required to take prior permission from the authorized authority.
  • TARAGARH FORT – This fort was built in 1354 and also known as Star Fort. Oozing with extraordinary beauty makes this fort an apple of the visitor’s eye. To get entered in this fort, there are three entry gates; Lakshmi Pol, Gagudi Ki Phatak and Phuta Darwaza. This fort is equipped with three water tanks and a tunnel.
Taragarh Fort - Bundi - Rajasthan - India
Taragarh Fort – Bundi – Rajasthan – India
  • BUNDI PALACE – It’s adjacent to Taragarh fort and perfect to make a stroll in order to check out the Chitrashala. To take a glimpse of extraordinary art, nothing can be greater than visiting Bundi Palace since you find in this picture gallery a gigantic collection of incredible pictures.
  • DABHAI KUND – Dabhai Kund is also known as the Jail Kund. Though there are many kund in Bundi but it’s one of the largest. This stunning kund have eye-catching stairs. It was established by Prithviraj Chauhan in the 11th century and still it looks like newly-built kund.
Dabhai kund - Bundi - Rajasthan - India
Dabhai kund – Bundi – Rajasthan – India
  • CHAURASI KHAMBON KI CHHATRI – It’s widely known due to have 84 pillars. This monument was built in 1740 by renowned Rajput Rao Anirudh Singh. It’s quite beautiful and holds incredible power to grab your attention due to its marvellous architecture.
Chaurasi Khambon ki Chhatri - Bundi - Rajasthan - India
Chaurasi Khambon ki Chhatri – Bundi – Rajasthan – India
  • SUKH MAHAL – It’s also known as Sukh Sagar which means a place where happiness and independence can be found. Once it was used by princess to make herself comfortable to do anything freely without getting interrupted. It’s situated on the banks of Jait Sagar and the perfect place to experience a royal treatment.
Sukh -Mahal - Bundi - Rajasthan - India
Sukh -Mahal – Bundi – Rajasthan – India

Places around Bundi

There are many tourist attractions adjacent to this outstanding town

  • PHOOL SAGAR PALACE  is also good to choose if wish to give a royal treat to your eyes since it’s loaded with well-laid gardens and artificial tanks. It was built in the 20th century.
  • SUKH MAHAL located almost 2 km north of the town.
  • SAR BAGH in order to experience sophisticated and jaw-dropping carving.
  • SHIKAR BURJ is next in the list of nearby places.
  • GARARDHA VILLAGE adds a WOW factor to your trip as you see here 15,000 years old ancient rock paintings.

Things to do

SHOPPING – Bundi is a good place for Shopaholics since the local market offer you a wide range of colourful Shawls, Gorgeous Kota Saris, Wooden Toys, Stone Statues, Cotton Carpet, Lac Bangles and so on at a reasonable price. Whether you wish to take one of your favourite items to add a memory or to gift your loved one, they are good for all kinds of purposes.


  • KAJLI TEEJ – It’s one of the popular festivals of Bundi and it’s celebrated every year in July-August. Many tourists always come to take enjoy this festival. It’s a month long event which starts is celebrated between the month of July and August. During this festival, the huge procession of goddess Teej is organised. People take part in this on a large scale.
  • BUNDI UTSAV – This two-day festival revolves around Rajasthani royalty, spectacular mix traditional art, marvellous handicrafts, colourful attires, and so on. During this festival, the whole environment gets enthralled with a wide array of outstanding cultural programmes including dance, Shobha Yatra, bridal attire competition, music, sport and various completion. This Utsav is organised by Rajasthan State Tourism Department to jazz up the tour of a number of tourists. And sparkling fireworks is one of the major highlights of this festival.


Bundi - Rajasthan
Bundi festival – Rajasthan – India
Bundi - Rajasthan
Bundi festival – Rajasthan – India


OCTOBER TO FEBRUARY: – The best time period gets started between the months of October to February as it’s winter. Apart from it, you can schedule your visit in July-August to experience scant rainfall as well as can become part of Kajli-Teej festival. This incredible place is situated in the southern part of the state of Rajasthan amidst a hilly terrain. April to June are considered quite hot.


  • BY AIR – Jaipur Airport is the nearest airport as it located 220 km away from Bundi. Once you reach here, you can hire Bus or Cab as per your convenience to reach Bundi. It does not hold its own airport.
  • BY RAIL– BUNDI Railway Station is well connected to the major cities of the country and situated 2km away from south of the old city.
  • BY BUS – It’s well connected to the road. Regular Bus service is also available to major cities of Rajasthan.

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