De De Pyaar De movie review

De De Pyaar De movie review
De De Pyaar De movie review

Are you a die-heart Ajay Devgan or RakulPreet fan? If your answer is yes then this movie is going to be a treat for you since the duo is coming in this. Bollywood has not been able to make a film on bold topics like Gap. Looking at ‘De DePyaar De’, this is the first thing that has been appreciated. Being a girl with a 26-year-old girl at the age of 50 is not a common thing at all. Let’s check out the movie review.

De De Pyaar De movie review

De De Pyaar De movie review
De De Pyaar De movie review
  • Genre – Comedy
  • Star Cast –  Ajay Devgn, Tabu, Rakul Preet Singh
  • Director –Akiv Ali
  • Rating –  3/5

Story of The Movie

The story of ‘De DePyaar De’ is about 50-year-old Ajay Devgn who has separated from his wife. Ajay Devgn becomes a 26-year-old girl with love. This unique love story flows over the whole boom. Ajay Devgn with his young partner reaches his ex-wife and children. After that, a strange story begins. What happens next? The story comes with a lot of twists and turns worth to see. You have to book your movie ticket to see the next.

What Are The Minus Points of The Movie

The first half laughs but in the second half, it seems that the director does not understand how he has spread the mess, how he can get it. The speed of the movie gets quite slow. The screenplay is also very bad.


  • In the first half of the film, RakulPrit Singh may surprise you, because according to which he has good punch and he used it like he is appreciated by his career. At the same time, Tabu has tied the other half. His comic timing and intuitive acting kept the audience in the second half as well.Rakul looks stunning in the movie. And she would impress you showing here acting skill.
  • Tabu is also going to made on a big screen and did fabulous acting. Tabu holds this film, the second half is completely dependent on them. She has a comic timing, an emotional scene, and the nose-waving has a pretty style, in which she left her mark. She has done good acting.
  • Ajay Devgn is not very frozen in this role, and even in the case of acting, he is seen out. Overall, his acting has been very special. They can also say that they seem like a misfit in this role.But still, his fan can bear him irrespective the role he played in this.

What About The Direction

The direction of De De Pyaar De is very weak and the story is also derailed. Although the music of the film is of course fun, and seeing RakulPreet Singh on those songs is really a great experience. The connection connecting Youth to the movie is also visible.

In The Last 

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