Guest lin london movie review

Guest lin london movie review
Guest lin london movie review

Do you remember “Athithi Tum Kab Jaoge” featured Paresh Rawal? Yes!!! This movie evoked the old memories. If you are thinking that same that if this movie is somewhere kind of that previous one. Yes!!! it is sequel of that hit one. Here, we are going to review it to bring the best to you. Guest lin london movie review

Guest lin london movie review

Guest lin london movie review
Guest lin london movie
  • Genre – Comedy
  • Star Cast – Kartik Aaryan, Paresh Rawal, Tanvi Azmi, Kriti Kharbanda, Lucinda Nicholas
  • Director – Ashwni Dhir
  • Rating –  2/5

Story of the Movie – This movie depicts that the woman is only born to do household works, bring up children, get married.The movie starts with the fake marriage of lady cab driver (Kriti Kharbanda) and the software engineer (Kartik Aaryan) because of the reason the cab driver is very poor and requires money to survive and the software engineer whose UK visa would expire soon.Paresh Rawal and Tanvi Azmi, acting as the Punjabi couple comes to London to settle down.

What About The Performance – Sanjay Mishra is acting as a Pakistani economic migrant who is neighbor to the software engineer. Now the story flows as both the cab driver and software engineer engages in the fake marriage to fulfill their desires and the Pakistani economic migrant visits them to get entertained by listening to the stories and jokes cracked on India and the condition of its residents.The whole movie flows with the jokes and comedy scenes cracked by all the co stars.If you are eager to know why this comedy bonanza was titled Guest Iin London rush to the theatres to watch it. Guest lin london movie review

Why To Watch – If you are an ardent fan of Paresh Rawal’s comedy and enjoy his acting styles, then do watch this movie as it revolves around him as GUEST LIN LONDON is the sequel of ‘Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge’.  This movie will give you a break from the daily routine life and you will end up laughing and giggling though being unaware about the reason. So just rush to the theatres to get charged and laugh aloud. Nothing can be better than going for it this weekend as it is a great laugher dose. Guest lin london movie review

Highlights of the movie

  • Paresh Rawal is comedy king but unfortunately his magic failed and the audience were not entertained. But if you can even laugh only seeing Paresh on screen, then you can go for it. This movie will not you get bored.
  • Other co stars also tries to niche the movie up but the reason of boredom is still unrelieved.
  • Tanvi Azmi acting was fabulous but solely she was unsuccessful in maintaining the zeal in the audience.Now I leave the decision on you whether you want to give it a try or not. Though the fact cannot be denied, if you are looking for a movie to make your mood lighter, you can go for it. But do not use your mind while watching. You just need to enjoy whatever going on screen. This is the only way to enjoy it. Guest lin london movie review

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