How to deal with workplace politics

How to deal with workplace politics
How to deal with workplace politics

People using power and personal connections to influence organization or its management/employees to serve their personal interest without caring for its effect on the organization is a common feature of almost every organization these days. Known as office politics in common language, it is one inescapable element of professional life that many amateur or even experienced professionals find difficult to deal with.

Almost every one of us would be having tough times facing that one or may be more than one catty colleague of ours whose intention is to harm either our work or position. And every day we would sit down thinking for hours and looking out for ways to deal with these office politics. But you would not need to be scared of or worried about those catty workmates of yours once you read what is coming ahead for you.

Following are the most meticulous and cursive ways to deal with those catty colleagues and all the other workplace politics scenarios –

  • Know and Show what is best for the organization –  The ultimate objective of every organization is success of the business. So in case you are facing situations where people are trying to harm the business, discuss it with your boss. Explain him the pros and cons. Doing this will place you in a position higher from others as a person who does not care about the petty issues but about the business. Your seniors will appreciate you and show faith in you by entrusting you with more important responsibilities.
  • Learn to understand if you want to be understood – Many a times trivial issues get exaggerated because of misunderstandings. Be open to communications if there is a problem at workplace. Make your colleagues feel that you understand them and have faith in them. Having a mutual understanding solves most of the troubles. This will make them less defensive for you.
  • Mind your own business – There could be situations where you would want to offer your piece of mind to that particular colleague who never applies a common sense. But don’t ever even think of teaching him a lesson. Not even if it is for his benefit. In simple words- Mind your own business. Offering an unwanted advice may land you in trouble at some point in future.
  • Don’t be biased – You might find yourself stuck between two power figures at times who might try to throw you around while outwitting each other. Don’t take sides in such situations. Don’t be judgmental but rather be neutral. Place them on a common communication platform if you have a job that needs to get done by them.
  • Be patient and tactful – Whenever you are stuck in the midst of an awful situation at your office, just take a few deep breaths and give a deep thought. Don’t panic or be impulsive. Rather be tactful and devise a new approach to tackle the problems.
  • Be aware that you have options – The moment you feel that you have had it all and your patience and conscious has given up, you also give up. There is no point in keeping on cribbing and keeping on working. So flight if you can’t fight. Be aware that there are other places to work

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