How to reach Shirdi

How to reach Shirdi
How to reach Shirdi

How to reach Shirdi – So here are complete details

We can reach Shirdi by road , train and air but air services are not exactly avialbe at Shrdi, any can come nearest airport at Nasik or Aurangabad. How to reach Shirdi

Air –   The nearest airport to Shirdi is at Nashik, 75kms away and Aurangabad is at a distance of 150kms, which is connected by all the major towns of India. You can also come till Mumbai by air and travel down to 296kms to reach Shirdi. Mumbai has both international and domestic airports that grant connectivity to the world. Domestic airport in Pune is about 231kms from Shirdi. There are regular public and private transport operators that ensure your easy access to the sanctum of Saibaba. How to reach Shirdi

Train –    Sai nagar,  Kopergaon  and Manmad  are  important railway station around  Shirdi.  Sai nagar  station is  in Shirdi but only few trains are coming there . Kopargoan is another important railway station near shirdi and it is 16 km from shirdi . Manmad is another important station about 58kms from Shirdi which carries a number trains from Mumbai and Delhi. Shirdi has a computerized Railway Ticket Booking Center within the temple premises. From here you can have railway tickets of whichever destination all through India. How to reach Shirdi

Road –    Shirdi can be reached by taking a Bus from almost all major cities of Maharashtra. Shirdi is on the Ahmednagar-Manmad Highway, 250 km from Mumbai and 75 km from Nashik. MTDC runs buses from all major destination How to reach Shirdi

Pune to Shirdi 184 km
Mumbai to Shirdi 245 km
Ahmedabad to Shirdi 567 km
Nagpur to Shirdi 660 km

There are a number of hotels/lodges in Shirdi suiting the budget of individuals. Its  ranges from Rs. 500 to Rs. 5000 per day. Some hotels are opposite to mandir entrance gate no 2, if we stayed there  we can listen all Aarati performed at shedued time in Sai Mandir. How to reach Shirdi

Shri Sai Sansthan, Shirdi provides accomodation  to the devotees at following places at nominal rates  –


Trains running  via Shirdi – Kopargoan – Manmad railway station

 Trains coming toward kopargoan


Train no

Train Name From Station To Station Arrival Time Dep. Time Frequency
12150 Pnbe Pune Express Patna Pune 00.04 00.05 Daily
12130 Azadhind Express Howrah Pune 01.29 1.30 Daily
22132 Gyan Ganga Sf Express Manduadih Pune  2.28 2.30 Thu.
11034 Dbg Pune Express Darbhanga Pune 02.29 2.30 Sun.
12104 Ljn Pune Express Lakhnow Pune 02.28 2.30 Mon.
12131 Dr Sainagar Express Dadar Sainagar Shirdi 02.58 3.00 Tue., Thu., Sun.
12148 Nzm Kop Express Nizamuddin Pune 03.48 3.50 Fri.
12782 Swarna Jayanthi Express Nizamuddin Mysore  03.48 3.50 Tue.
12730 Pune Express Nanded Pune 03.49 3.50 Mon., Wed.
12136 Nagpur Pune Express Nagpur Pune 04.18 4.20 Tue., Thu., Sun.
12849 Bsp Pune Sup Express Bilaspur Pune 04.19 4.20 Fri.
57516 Nanded Daund Passenger Nanded Daund 06.17 6.20 Daily
16501 Adi Ypr Express Ahmedabad Bangaluru 7.53 7.55 Wed.
17002 Sc Snsi Express Secundarabad Sainagar Shirdi 08.23 8.25 Mon., Sat.
17206 Cct Snsi Express Kakinada Sainagar Shirdi 08.23 8.25 Tue., Thu., Sun.
17208 Bza Snsi Express Vijaywada Sainagar Shirdi 08.23 8.25 Wed.
11078 Jhelum Express Jammu Tavi Pune 09.13 9.15 Daily
12780 Goa Super Fast Expres Nizamuddin Vasco De Gama 10.58 11.00 Daily
22801 Vskp Snsi Sf Express Vishakhapattanam Sainagar Shirdi 11.15 Fri.
51422 Nizamabad Passenger Nizamabad Pune 12.50 Daily
11046 Dikshabhumi Express Danbad Kolhapur 13.24 13.25 Wed.
12628 Karnataka Express New Delhi Bangluru 16.28 16.30 Daily
22894 Hwh Snsi Express Howrah Sainagar Shirdi 19.14 19.15 Fri.
22846 Hte Pune Express Hatia Pune 20.43 20.45 Tue., Sat.
11038 Gkp Pune Express Gorakhpur Pune 19.45 20.55 Sun.
11040 Maharashtra Express Gondia Kolhapur 21.48 21.50 Daily
51402 Manmad Pune Passenger Manmad Pune 23.02 23.05 Daily


Jp Sur Special Jaipur Solapur 14.33


Trains going  via kopargoan

Train no Train Name From Station To Station Arrival Time Dep. Time Frequency
12149 Pune Pnbe Express Pune Patna 01.28 1.30 Daily
12729 Pune Nanded Express Pune Nanded 02.28 2.30 Tue., Thu.
11039 Maharashtra Express Kolhapur Gondia 04.31 4.33 Daily
51401 Pune Manmad Passenger Pune Manmad 08.22 8.25 Daily
12779 Goa Super Fast Express Vasco De Gama Nizamuddin 09.14 9.15 Daily
16502 Ahmadabad Express Bangaluru Ahmedabad 10.59 11.00 Mon.
12627 Karnataka Express Bangaluru city New Delhi 13.39 13.40 Daily
12823 C G Smprk Krnti Sainagar Shirdi Howrah 14.30 Sat.
11045 Dikshabhoomi Express Kolhapur Dhanbad 13.18 13.20 Fri.
22845 Pune Hatia Sup Express Pune Hatia 15.58 16.00 Wed., Sun.
17001 Snsi Sc Express Sainagar Shirdi Secundarabad 17.48 17.50 Mon., Sat.
17205 Snsi Cct Express Sainagar Shirdi Kakinada 17.48 17.50 Tue., Thu., Sun.
17207 Snsi Bza Express Sainagar Shirdi Vijaywada 17.49 17.50 Wed.
57515 Daund Nanded Passenger Daund Nanded 18.08 18.10 Daily
22802 Snsi Vskp Express Sainagar Shirdi Vishakhapattanam 20.10 Fri.
51421 Pune Passenger Pune Nizamabad 21.14 21.15 Daily
12147 Nizamuddin Express Kolhapur Nizamuddin 20.43 20.45 Tue.
12781 Swarna Jayanthi Mysore Nizamuddin 20.44 20.45 Sat.
12103 Pa Lucknow Express Pune Lakhnow 20.43 20.45 Fri.
12131 Dr Sainagar Express Pune Manduadih 02.58 03.00 Mon.
11033 Darbhanga Express Pune Darbhanga 20.43 20.45 Wed.
11037 Darbhanga Express Pune Gorakhpur 20.43 20.45 Thu.
11077 Jhelum Express Pune Jammu Tavi 22.13 22.15 Daily
12135 Pune Nagpur Express Pune Nagpur 22.43 22.45 Tue., Thu., Sun.
12850 Pa Bilaspur Express Pune Bilaspur 22.43 22.45 Fri.
12132 Sainagar Dr Express Sainagar Shirdi Dadar 22.59 23.00 Tue., Thu., Sun
12129 Azad Hind Express Pune Howrah 23.18 23.20 Daily
09716 Sur Jaipur Special Solapur Jaipur 15.35 Wed.


Train no Train Name From Station To Station Arrival Time Dep. Time Frequency
12131 Dadar Sainagar Shirdi Dadar Sainagar Shirdi Exp. VIA Manmad 03.51 Tue., Thu., Sun.
17002 Secundarabad Sainagar Shirdi Secundarabad Sainagar Shirdi Exp. 09.15 Mon., Sat.
17206 Kakinada Town Sainagar Shirdi Kakinada Sainagar Shirdi Exp. 09.15 Tue., Thu., Sun.
17208 Vijaywada Sainagar Shirdi Vijaywada Sainagar Shirdi Exp. 09.15 Wed.
51033 Mumbai CST Sainagar Shirdi Mumbai CST Sainagar Shirdi Fast passenger VIA Daund 10.55 Daily
22601 Channai Sainagar Shirdi Shirdi Express 11.30 Tue.
16217 Mysore Sainagar Shirdi Mys Snsi Express 11.30 Thu.
22801 Vishakhapattanam Sainagar Shirdi Vskp Snsi Sf Express 12.25 Fri.
11002 Pandharpur Sainagar Shirdi Pandharpur Sainagar shirdi passanger 20.30 Tue.,Thu., Sun.
22894 Howrah Sainagar Shirdi Hwh Snsi Express 20.30 Fri.
09715 Jaipur Sainagar Shirdi JP SUP SPL 15.20 Mon.
22456 New Delhi Sainagar Shirdi KLK SNSI EXP 22.15 Mon.

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