How to Stretch for Good Health

How to Stretch for Good Health

Stretching is an important and often neglected part of a workout. Non stretching can cause a lot of damage since our muscles get exerted during a workout. Experts say that not only does stretching correctly improve our flexibility, it also ensures that our exercise regime is more effective. instead of focusing just on cardio or resistance training , keep a few minutes aside just to stretch, both before and after our workout session. Stretching for about five to ten minutes before exercising warms our body up for impending workout. How to Stretch for Good Health

How to Stretch for Good Health

How to Stretch for Good Health

 Here are a few things that we should keep in mind while stretching

  • Make sure that you are relaxed while stretching. When you are mentally stressed, it will reflect on your body as well, making it tight and unresponsive. This, in turn, will make stretching rather painful.
  • Be aware of your breathing – take deep breath and never hold your breath while stretching.
  • Start slowly and increase the intensity gradually. You don’t want to pull a muscles in a very first week. As you stretch feel the pull in your muscles and hold the position for at least 15 to 20 seconds .As time passes your body will get used to the stretching and you will become more flexible and will be able to challenge your body further.How to Stretch for Good Health
  • When you stretch, don’t move or bounce. You could end up overstretching the muscles and injuring yourself. While a little bit of pain is considered normal during stretching, if the pain gets intense stop immediately, it could mean that you have overstretched a muscle. How to Stretch for Good Health

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