Indu Sarkar Movie Review

Indu Sarkar Movie Review
Indu Sarkar Movie Review

For the movie goers looking for some kind of serious content can go for it. Here, we are going to check all about this movie using our magnified glass. Indu Sarkar, directed by Madhur Bhandarkar is one of the three Bollywood movies which were released this Friday. If you love to see the freedom fighter’s biography movies or big fan of watching stuff on the historical movements in India before and after Independence then, this is the best catch for you. Rest let’s get deep into it and see whether it should be watched in cinema halls or not. Indu Sarkar Movie Review

Indu Sarkar Movie Review

Indu Sarkar Movie Review
Indu Sarkar Movie Review
  • Genre – Drama
  • Star Cast – Kirti Kulhari, Tota Roy Chowdhury, Anupam Kher, Neil Nitin Mukesh
  • Director – Madhur Bhandarkar
  • Rating –  3/5

Jist of the movie

Indu Sarkar takes us back to the period of 1975 – 1977.The movie depicts the story of the 21 month prolonged time frame when Indira Gandhi, the Prime Mister of India at time, declared emergency in all over India. The movie picturesque the scenario’s, problems occurring all over the nation and even portrays that how Indira Gandhi was helped and supported by her son Sanjay Gandhi to achieve peace through her rigorous Emergency declaration which turned to be a horrifying revolution. There is more to see and everything cannot be explored using words. You must head to theater to come across the details. Indu Sarkar Movie Review

Reasons for watching the movie

This movie portrays the Emergency phase 1975 – 1977, and displays some incidents which are not known to maximum of the youth, so it would be interesting to know the hidden facts about our freedom stories. There is a lot in movies and here we cannot unearth every layer and that is why you must head to theater to watch it out.

What About The Performance

The whole cast and crew have done full justice with their roles and helped the audience to understand the past scenarios in a better way. If you are looking for a great movie having solid content and power packed performance, this one can be great. Indu Sarkar Movie Review


 The fact cannot be circumvented that there are many movies have got famous because of their incredible dialogues. You can get a chance to hear a movie full of excellent dialogues especially from Anupam Kher and Kirti Kulhari. In short, it can be said that you must go for it. Indu Sarkar Movie Review


Madhur Bhandarkar’s direction will keep you surprises, as you will feel that you are very much in that location and gives you a real feel of the protests which took place at the emergency. Saying would not wrong that he put his efforts to come up with the best outcome. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go for enjoying your weekend without getting confused. If you have been looking for the serious content, this would be right to choose. Monsoon is going on…Have A Happy Weekend with Indu Sarkar… Indu Sarkar Movie Review

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