Ishq Forever – Movie Review

Ishq Forever - Movie Review
Ishq Forever – Movie Review

Ishq Forever one of the four movies released on this Friday come in the genre of Bollywood Romantic Drama. It has been directed by Sameer Sippy. The two new faces Krishna Chaturvedi and Ruhi Singh are going to kick off their career.

Ishq Forever - Movie Review
Ishq Forever – Movie Review

While the popular music composer Nadeem Saifi is coming back in the industry with this movie as the Music of Ishq Forever is composed by him. Apart from Krishna Chaturvedi and Ruhi Singh, audience will enjoy the performance of Lisa Ray, Javed Jaffrey, Chetan Pandit, Sonal Jha, Arif Zakaria, Mahesh Balraj and Zakir Hussain. Story of this movie has been written by Shabbir Boxwala.


As the name of movie reveals that it’s romantic life. And the story of this revolves around Ria and Aryan. Ria is studying in South Africa and everything going well in her life. But a great change comes in Ria’s (Ruhi Singh) life when his father becomes PM. Every time when she step out of the home, she is covered by security. And Ria hate all this as all these things makes her life very tough and uneasy. She wish to get rid of it. In between, she come across a stranger name of Aryan. And she get eloped with Aryan and ditch the security. After this, it time to get entered (Amitabh) Javed Jaferi playing the character of RAW incharge and Naina (Lisa Ray). Will the duo get success to find out them or Not? If Ria and Aryan are allowed to fall in love with each-other? It’s all about the story of Ishq Forever.


The movie is written by Shabbir Boxwala who put all efforts to make it suspense but did nto get success. Film makes you confused. There are many loopholes which make is loose.


Javed Jafri performed well in this movie. If you are a die-hard fan of Javed Jafri then you must watch it. Lisa Ray is coming back after a long break and she did also well. Apart from it, acting of the duo- Ruhi and Krishna – is ok but not too much impressive.


Nadim Saifi give the music of Ishq Forever. Though music is not exceptional but it is not too bad.


If you love to see Javed Jafri and do not wish to skip the chance to his performance then you must head to theatre. Apart from it, who love to watch romantic movie can give a thumb up to this movie.

In a nutshell, film is just time pass nothing is incredible in this movie. Be it acting, music or direction, everything is averaged and looks hard to rule over your heart. After leaving theater, you may not remember anything about it. Apart from it, you may go to check out the acting of the duo. So, all the best if you going to watch Ishq Forever.

  • Genre – Romance
  • Star Cast – Ruhi Singh, Krishna Chaturvedi, Lisa Ray, Jaaved Jaaferi
  • Director – Sameer Sippy
  • Rating –  2/5

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