Kasauli – A Beautiful Hill Station

Kasauli - A Beautiful Hill Station
Kasauli – A Beautiful Hill Station -Himachal Pradesh – India

Kasauli is a small town located in the Solan district of North Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. The place is at a distance of 65km from Chandigarh and 73km from Shimla. Embellished by great flora and fauna, Kasauli is an amazing place to spend a vacation if you are looking out to spending some time in nature’s lap. Supposedly, the place has successfully maintained its gift of natural beauty since all these years despite of continuously being thronged by tourists from all over the country. Even the desi deer ‘Ghoral’ and Jackals can still be easily spotted in the jungles of Kasuali.

Major  Attractions in Kasauli

  • Sunset Point – Situated on Upper Mall, near to Kasauli Club, the place is famous for the view of sunset that it offers. The view is truly breathtaking and admirable. After the sun sets, tourists can also enjoy a bird’s eye view of Kalka, Chandigarh, Panchkula, Baddi, Pinjore and even the famous Sukhna Lake. The evening bar-be-cue of this spot is something not to be missed at all if you are on a visit to Sunset Point. Also there is a small cafeteria which serves fresh snacks and beverages.
  • Man-Ki Point – It has now come to be popularly known as Monkey Point and is a very famous tourist attraction of Kasauli. Located at a distance of about 4 kms from the main bus stand of Kasuali, this is the highest point of the town. Also on the top of the hill is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Top of this hill is in a shape of a foot. Actually, it is a mythological belief that when Lord Hanuman was returning from Himalayas after obtaining the Sanjeevani Booty, his foot touched the top of the hill and hence it got its foot shape.
  • Kasuali Brewery – The oldest distillery for ‘Scotch Whiskey’ in Asia, Kasauli brewery and distillery was founded in 1820, that is even before the establishment of Kasauli town and cantonment.
  • Nahri Temple – Dedicated to Goddess Durga and Lord Shiva, the temple is well-known for its celebrations of Shivratri and Dussehra festivals. It is also known as the ‘Jantar Mantar’ and ‘Choo Mantar Mahadev Temple’. The temple premises has fascinating effigies of Lord Shiva and Devi Durga. A bauri which is more than a hundred years old is also located near the temple and offers sweet drinking water.
  • Kasauli Club – Kasauli Club is one of the most famous clubs of Himachal Pradesh. Entry is allowed only to members or military officers serving Kasauli or those who are sponsored by members.
  • Anglican Church – This more than a century old church is built in shape of a cross. It was commissioned by British families who also founded the town of Kasauli in 1842. The place is beautifully surrounded by fir and chestnut trees.
Kasauli - A Beautiful Hill Station -Himachal Pradesh - India
Anglican Church – Kasauli – Himachal Pradesh – India

Other places of tourist interest in Kasauli

  • Upper Mall,
  • Lower Mall,
  • Sunrise Point (Hawa Ghar),
  • Scandal Point & Lover’s Lane,
  • Gilbert Trail,
  • Mohan Meakin,
  • Tibetian Market,
  • Air Force Station
  • Central Research Institute.

A few of the lip-smacking culinary popularities that should definitely not be missed while on a trip to Kasauli are BBQ Chicken Kasauli, Band-Samosa, Dumplings or Momo’s, Ham, Bacon, Salami, Sausages, Jams, Pickles and wines.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Kasauli is from the months of March to November when the weather here is pleasant and just perfect for a tranquil and fun-filled vacation. This is also the time when the place is full of tourists so it is always advisable to make your hotel and travel bookings in advance.

How to reach Kasauli

By Air – The nearest airport is Chandigarh airport, Punjab which is about 25kms away from the main city. Another airport is Bhuntar Airport, Himachal Pradesh which is approximately 116kms away from main city. So you can get tickets from all parts of the country till Chandigarh or Bhuntar airport. Then you can easily reach in the city by hiring taxi from Chandigarh or Bhuntar airport.

By train – Koti and Sonwara are the nearest railway stations of Kasauli which are only 6kms and 4kms away respectively. But the problem is that there is no regular train service available from other major cities to Kasauli. Take taxi from these railway stations to reach Kasauli.

By road – There is no bus stand available in the main city Kasauli. The nearest bus stand is Parwanoo Bas Stand which is about 7kms away from the city. So you may get buses from other cities till Parwanoo and then get taxi to reach Kasauli or drive on your own vehicle.

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