Madaari Movie Review

Madaari Movie Review
Madaari Movie Review

Madaari… though the name is a little bit bizarre, but trust me Irfan Khan starrer movie is just outstanding. The concept is very similar to Naseeruddin Shah, Anupam Kher and Jimmy Shergill starrer movie A Wednesday. But Irfan Khan’s performance makes it quite different from the previous released. Let’s check out all about this movie.

Madaari Movie Review

Madaari Movie Review
Madaari Movie Review
  • Genre – Crime
  • Star Cast – Irrfan Khan, Jimmy Sheirgill, Tushar Dalvi
  • Director – Nishikant Kamat
  • Rating –  3.5/5


The story of this movie revolves around a commoner who is quite busy in his life to serve a great upbringing to his son. He understands his duty towards the country and being a responsible citizen he always gives vote. But the point is that, he never takes interest what’s up going on in the government and what is all about the corruption and the topics relates to it. He is a simple and easy-going person. This fact has been featured beautifully and connects us as there many of us who never take interest in politics and the rule & regulations made by the government. It is all because of a gap between commoner and the government.Madaari Movie Review

Let’s come back to the story. In between the son of Nirmal Kumar met an accident and died. This think changes him completely and he takes pledge to take revenge for this accident. He kidnaps the Home Minister’s son. What happens next? This film revives the memory of A Wednesday features Anupam Kher. Madaari Movie Review


  • Irfan Khan – OMG….What to say about the performance? It is only one word Mind-blowing. Each scene in which Imran Khan has been featured in this movie becomes quite special. He is just amazing whether it is his dialogue delivery, body language or expression. He did justice with his character and gets into the skin of character. He looks great and fetch wide attention when perform as a frustrated and broken kidnapper. When he loses his son, the expression is just outstanding. He raised up the whole environment. This emotions scene may left you crying.Madaari Movie Review
  • Jimmy Shergil – Being a cop Nachiket Verma, Jimmy Shergil looks great in this movie. He is hired by the Home Minister to solve this case. Jimmy Shergill performs excellently and this thing he has proved once again.
  • Vishesh Bansal – the kidnaped kid also adds a spark to the movie. Needless to say that though he is a kid but even then performed well. You may become his fan after watching this movie. Madaari Movie Review


Yes…the concept of this newly released movie is quite close to the movie A Wednesday. At some points, movie is quite good while at some point it derails but even then it will not you feel down if choose to go for watching this movie. The relation between the kidnapper and the kid’s has been featured beautifully which is impressive too.

So, if you have not decided yet whether to watch this movie or not, you must buy the ticket. This movie will not let you bore after all Jimmy Shergill and Irfan Khan’s impressive performance lifts up the value of this movie.
Have A Happy Reading… Madaari Movie Review

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