Masroor Rock Temple – Himachal Pradesh

Masroor Rock Temple - Himachal Pradesh - India
Masroor Rock Temple – Himachal Pradesh

At the distance of 32 km from the city of Kangra in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh is situated the so splendid yet unexplored Masroor Rock Cut Temple. Built- up long ago in the 8th century, the temple represents a beautiful monolithic structure.The Masroor Temple is also known as Himalayan Pyramid and Wonder of the World. The temple is located on a hill and is dedicated to Lord Rama, Lakshman and Sita having stone images of these three prime Hindu deities.

Masroor Rock Temple - Himachal Pradesh - India
Masroor Rock Temple – Himachal Pradesh – India

The temple which is now partly in ruins had been built up in the Indo-Aryan style. It is a whole complex of 15 temples carved out of a single rock with its entrance facing toward the east. With one of the temples carved from inside too, the other 14 are carved only from the outside. The Thakurdwara shrine is the most intricately and elaborately carved one and stands at the center of the entire periphery. It is popularly believed that all these temples have been carved out of a huge single rock. Also in front of these temples is a rectangular pond which remains water-filled all through the year and reflects a magnificent image of these temples.

It is believed that this holy shrine must have been constructed by an avid devotee of Lord Shiva because all the carvings on the temple walls relate to Lord Shiva. Also there is an idol of ‘Mahadev’ at central point in the temple complex.

The temple also unfurls a fascinating view to the Dhauladhar Mountains and Beas Valley. Besides the beauty and religious significance of the temple, the splendor of natural surroundings is also to die for.

Legend and History of Masroor Rock Temple

It is believed that Padavas spend a great part of their exile in this area away from their territory. As per a myth, Pandavas had unraveled the secret to build a way to heaven by way of staircase. But there was a condition that the staircase should be completed before sunrise. This worried the king of heaven- Lord Indra as thought that heaven will now be accessible to all creatures on earth and this might affect his importance. So disguising himself as a roster, he crowed loudly before dawn. Thinking that they haven’t been able to complete it by morning, Pandavas left the stairway incomplete. The incomplete structure still exists on the site of Masroor.

Best time to visit

Although the Masroor Rock Cut temple is an all year round destination for tourists and pilgrims from all the across the India and the World, but the best time to visit this place is from March to October. The months of monsoon- July, August and September make the valley look even more charming but it might as well get a bit messier with heavy rainfall.

  • Location – Kangra district → Himachal Pradesh
  • Dedicated to → Lord Shiva, Lord Rama, Lakshman and Sita
  • Main Attraction → Rock Cut temple and carvings
  • Best time to visit → March to October
  • How to reach by Air → the nearest airport – Gaggal
  • How to reach by Rail – Nearest railway station →Kangra
  • How to reach by Road → First reach Kangra by Rail, Air or Bus and thereafter avail regular bus services to this temple

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