Mukkebaaz movie review

Mukkebaaz movie review
Mukkebaaz movie review

When it comes about the movie loaded with passion and courage, we all get enthralled with happy. Now, the next name of the movie is going to be added in this list is Mukkabaaz. If you are going to watch this movie, go through the below mentioned movie review to know more about it. Mukkebaaz movie review

Mukkebaaz movie review

Mukkebaaz movie review
Mukkebaaz movie review
  • Genre  – Drama
  • Star Cast  – Vineet Singh, Jimmy Shergill, Zoya Hussain
  • Director  – Anurag Kashyap
  • Rating  –  4/5

Story of movie 

This movie is all about the passion of a young man. This gritty young man’s name is Shravan Singh (role is being played by Vineet Singh) who wish to be a ‘boxer’ and putting his great efforts to make his dream come true. For Shravan Singh, this is not only a game for him but everything for him. Boxing is just like a ticket to have a better life.

It is only boxing, he is good at it. But issue is that UP federation is also suffering from political pressure like most of the other sports federations in India. In this movie, Bareilly politician and mobster Bhagwan Das Mishra is playing the role of a kind of kingpin responsible for making or breaking career. Sharvan gets into the training but he is ordered to do other petty works instead of training. All this makes him enough frustrated and he punched. But the rest is not going easy for him. What happens next to him? You have to head to theater. Mukkebaaz movie review

Choreography of the movie 

This movie has been shot at the great places, it adds value to the subject of the movie. Even movie critics also find the shot location according to the movie subject. Anuraag Kashyap tried his best to emphasize on the important subject that keeps ignored. Mukkebaaz movie review

What about the unique of this movie 

  • Zimmi Shergil might have been your favourite. And you can see him in this movie in the negative role. It means you are going to have great Massalla in this movie and would not find it bore at any rate.
  • Anuraag is going to show the injustice that happened with the players. This is a good movie and worthy to watch. The concept of movie is good. Mukkebaaz movie review
  • All the actors did a great job and this movie is worthy to watch. Whether it is about Vineet Singh, Jimmy Shergill or Zoya Hussain, they all are best in their role and did not left any stone to impress you.

Direction of this movie has also been done in a great way and adds an extra value to it. In short, overall this movie is an excellent one. It comes up with great concept to make you get enthralled and fill with happiness.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go ahead and book your ticket. This movie is worthy to watch with your friends, family, and kids. You will surely have a great time. Do not forge to share your feedback with us. We are here to hear right from back to you. Mukkebaaz movie review

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