Mukti Bhawan movie review

Mukti Bhawan movie review
Mukti Bhawan movie review

Mukti Bhawan is a kind of quite amazing movie. It is all about Death and mortality. To put in simple words, the story of movie revolves around the charming Father-son relationship oozing with incredible love. Saying would not wrong that co-writer and director Shubhashish Bhutiani is coming up with the great story.

Mukti Bhawan movie review

Mukti Bhawan movie review
Mukti Bhawan movie review
  • Genre – Drama
  • Star Cast – Lalit Behl, Adil Hussain, Geetanjali Kulkarni, Palomi Ghosh
  • Director –Shubhashish Bhutiani
  • Rating –  3.5/5

Though the name of movie may get sounds many of you a bit bizarre, but it is not actually since it associates somewhere to the ancient Hindu concept of “Moksha” which means getting over of all earthly ties. Moksha means all about beauty and simplicity. Here, we are going to examine it through our magnifying glasses in order to give you a right view regarding this movie. Let’s check it out. Mukti Bhawan movie review

Story of the movie

The story of movie revolves Daya (Lalit Behl), 77, who realise that his end is just around the corner. And that is why he decides to leave Mukti Bhawan. It is the same place which his father also chosen when he is about to go.
On the other hand, his son namely Rajiv is working in firm where he has to come across a strong deadline every day. In between all this, it has become a bit tough for Rajiv to take leave from his work and take his father to Mukti Bhawan. But Rajiv abandoned all his earthly ties and takes his father to Mukti Bhawan.

But later there is too much to watch. Since Rajiv’s thinking does not match with his father’s traditional views and many things are churned out. Saying would not wrong that you will come across a lots of things that you may have not been known by this time. In short, there are too many layers to get removed and you must not skip it.

What about the performance

Lalit Behl’s performance holds power to delight you. He played the role of the creepy father in a great manner. He will make you lugubrious with his incredible acting skills. There is too much in movie and one should not skip it watch as you may discover something new that can change even your perception towards life. Apart from him, other characters also did great job and make it worth to watch. Mukti Bhawan movie review

Why to watch mukti bhawan

  • To come across something different
  • Well written story will make you think over the great topic
  • It is loaded with great performance and would not let you make feel bore
  • Story is not weak and would not let you feel bore Mukti Bhawan movie review
  • If you are one of them staunchly believe life-death game, this movie is for you.
  • Apart from the deep-thinker, it is best to go with this movie.

This weakened a great movie is out and if you are confused that how it is then the answer is that you must go for it since it is good and worth to watch. Mukti Bhawan movie review
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