Partition 1947 movie review

Partition 1947 movie review
Partition 1947 movie review

After getting a long time, we are getting something on big screen oozing with patriotism. If you love keep watching this kind of movie, Partition 1947 is here to entertain you. if you are going to watch this movie, then you must go through the movie reviews. Let’s check it out more about it. Partition 1947 movie review,

Partition 1947 movie review

Partition 1947 movie review
Partition 1947 movie review
  • Genre – Biography
  • Star Cast – Huma Qureshi, Hugh Bonneville, Gillian Anderson, Manish Dayal, Michael Gambon
  • Director – Gurinder Chadha
  • Rating –  3.5/5

Story of Movie 

This story takes you another world. It is all about the story of those days when Mountbatten Lui came to India. When India was about to get independent, and Zinna was asking for Pakistan. But wait…it is not all about the story of freedom or politics but there is a love story too. Yes!!! It is about Alia and Jeet Singh. There is a lot to know more and for this you have to head to theater. For Huma’s fans, it is a great treat. You must go for it if you love patriotism oriented movies. Partition 1947 movie review,


The direction has been done in a great way and enough to leave you speechless. Whether it is about Direction, Screen Play or Editing, everything has been done by Gurinder Chaddha and it is just amazing. This film brings a number of thing associated to that time. You will not find it superficial at all. Shooting seems too real you will feel like you are watching the movie which is so real. Movie goers loved it as well as movie critics also loved it.


Huma Kuraishi performed outstanding. She played her character so nicely. Apart from it, you will also see Om Puri in this movie playing the role of Huma’s character. Manish also played here character amazingly as a Huma’s character’s lover. It is just has been done in a great way and you must go there to come across the best direction. Apart from it, other characters are also well played and will keep you stay glued to chair. You will not get bored at any rate. Partition 1947 movie review,

What About The Music 

There are many songs in movie. You will love hearing DumDum Mast Kalander. A.R. Rehman music will make you go crazy as we all know how brilliantly he composes. You will love these song humming even outside of theater. According to movie, they have been done in a great way. Partition 1947 movie review,

Why Should You Watch 

This movie is definitely a great treat to go for you if you love keep watching patriotism based movie. Here, many secret stories will get unearthed regarding Indo-Pak partition. What sort of things people went through those days when the partition happened, it has been shown in movie beautifully. You must go for this movie, if hunting the best one to add a great spark to your weekend. Partition 1947 movie review,

So, what are you waiting for, it is time to book your tickets to watch something different and amazing with family and friends. Do not forget to drop your comments in box mentioned below. We love hearing you.

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