Poorna movie review

Poorna movie review
Poorna movie review

Poorna is out and getting great feedback not only by the viewers and movie critics too. If you have been looking for the best movie time then you may go for this movie. Let’s check it out more about it in order to come up with the great conclusion.

Poorna movie review

Poorna movie review
Poorna movie review
  • Genre – Drama
  • Star Cast – Aditi Inamdar, S. Mariya, Rahul Bose, Dhritiman Chatterjee, Heeba Shah, Gyanendra Tripathi, Arif Zakaria
  • Director –Rahul Bose
  • Rating –  4/5

Story of the Movie

It is undeniable that this time Bollywood is playing an important role to fetch the remarkable story to the big screen. And Poorna is going to add another spark to it. Poorna revolves around the story of the youngest girl in history to conquer Mount Everest. For the folks who always love something having great message must go for this movie. This movie comes up with the great story showing triumph-against-all-odds cinematic account. This movie is based on true story and that is why it adds another value to it.

What About The Script

There is no doubt that this movie comes up with a number of positive points. If it talks about the script of the movie it is just amazing. The best thing is that story of this movie encourage you. The writer and producer of this movie do not led towards any confusion and put their thought in a simple way. The way of exploring the story is just heart-touching. Instead of adding spicy things, they just emphasize over the story of the movie. The movie goes with its essence and focus over the wrong-thing happening in schools.


  • Rahul Bose – We all have seen him playing a variety of role but this time you will see in a kind of different role which you have not seen him earlier. The best thing is that you will not ever feel that he is not getting fit with Poorna. He did great job and get fit in the shoe of his character.
  • The girl playing the role of Poorna also holds the power to impress you. She played her role in an effective manner and did justice with her role. Seeing Rahul Bose with this little girl is also a great experience to have.

Why To Watch 

This movie is for you if you wish to come across a great story having powerful story. After watching this, you would not feel only great but motivated too. The best thing is that you come across the Bollywood which does not love every time to come up with the spicy but it is giving enough space to valuable and true-story based movies too. If you love Rahul Bose’s acting, you must go for it.

In the last, it is essential to mention that this movie comes up with the great story, performance and message. Missing it does not seem fair. This movie does not entertain you but give you a great message too. If you are hunting the best thing to do in this weekend, this movie is an ideal choice to go.

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