Raaz reboot movie review

Raaz reboot movie review
Raaz reboot

As the name of movie is enough to give you hint about its story, we do not have need to say more about it. Imraan Hashami, Gaurav Arora and Kriti  Kharbana starrer movie hit the floor. Here, we are going to examine this movie. Let’s have a look. Raaz reboot movie review

Raaz reboot movie review

Raaz reboot movie review
Raaz reboot movie review
  • Genre – Horror
  • Star Cast – Emraan Hashmi, Kriti Kharbanda, Gaurav Arora
  • Direction – Vikram Bhatt
  • Rating –  2.5/5

Story of Movie

The story starts with Rehaan and Shaina who are a married couple. After getting a better job offer, they come back to Romania. Shaina and Rehaan start living in a bungalow where Shaina finds something a bit bizarre. She assumes there is something in house, which makes her disturbed. She shared with Rehaan as well. But Rehaan takes it lightly thinking that there is nothing more than her dilemma. On the other hand, Shaina finds that he is hiding something and does not wish to disclose it in front of her. After this, Aditya makes an entry in this movie. He is the ex-lover of Shayna. She shares her problem with him.Raaz reboot movie review

Performance Of The Stars

  • Kriti KharbandaIt is must to say that she gave her best in this movie and did a great job. She would not let you disappoint and makes you feel her character. Raaz reboot movie review
  • Imran Hashami – Though he has short role but still he gets into the skin of the movie. Earlier we have already saw him in this kind of movie and that is why you may not feel something new seeing him.
  • Gaurav Arora- He did great homework to make his role a bit powerful as well as to make it powerful.


The major minus point is that the movie does not get success to give goose bump means there is no a wide array of horror scenes. Though the audience will get some impressive horror scenes in the climax, but they are not too much great and enough to give you thrill experience. The story of movie is written by Vikram Bhatt. The one going to watch thinking something new, then you must not go for this movie as there is nothing new. Vikram did great work shooting lovely Romania based scenes. Raaz reboot movie review

There is another thing which can raise the eye-brows of the movie goers that movie is stuffed with a lot of English dialogue without any prominent reason. Those who are weak in English may not find easy to understand.

Music Of The Movie

Music is good as it has already made great place in on-going music chart-buster. Saying would not be wrong that it is the plus point of the movie. Raaz reboot movie review

Why Should You Watch This Movie

  • If you love seeing Imran Hashami and can see him in any kind of movie just because of his presence.
  • If you are crazy for the horror based movie.
  • If you want something OK-OK for time pass.

What Is The Last Words

One can go for watching this movie, it will not let you disappointed. If you some more time and thinking how to spend the weekened, can go for it. But do not go along with high expectation. Keep them low and enjoy the movie.

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