Ribbon Movie Review 

Ribbon Movie Review
Ribbon Movie Review

Again I would like to say that Cinema is getting changed. Instead of focusing on superficial, fiction or fashion oriented stuff, they are coming up with some real stuff. The ribbon is going to showcases a lot about a couple and their life once they get a kid and becomes parents. Kalki Koechline and Sumeet Vyas starrer movie have already been appreciated among the movie goers. Though it is going to show a lot, not in a boring way.Ribbon Movie Review

Ribbon Movie Review 

Ribbon Movie Review
Ribbon Movie Review
  • Genre  – Drama
  • Star Cast  – Kalki Koechlin, Sumeet Vyas, Hitesh Malhan
  • Director  –  Rakhee Sandilya
  • Rating  –  2.5/5

Story About Ribbon 

Ribbon belongs to an urban and young couple namely Sahana and Karan. They confront sudden joys, some kind of challenges and misfortunes in life. The story let you know how they handle all without getting frustrated. The film kicks off with Sahana who is a corporate strategist comes across that she is pregnant. She shares it with her husband as she was not all set to have a baby. Ribbon Movie Review

But Karan (her husband) wants a kid and try to persuade his lady love to have a baby. In the end, they got agree after having some petty fights. But things are not going to easy very soon as the real story starts after it that how the couple manages having a baby even after getting indulged with a hectic schedule. They are not a kind of couple love to head a romantic candlelight dinner since they are abided by the strict deadline to make sure all EMIs have been done on the time.Ribbon Movie Review

Why Watch

If you are one of them love watching the movie based on real issues, this is for you. The thing cannot be ignored that you may find that it’s your story. If you wish to explore something that relates to our life somewhere, this is a right movie to watch.Ribbon Movie Review

What About Performance

  • Kalki will definitely leave you speechless. She easily gets into her character beautifully. She is regarded as the best choice for this movie and you will say the same after watching a movie. Kalki looks good with Sumeet and her presence adds a spark to the story.Ribbon Movie Review
  • Sumeet entertains you a lot delivering the best and power pack performance. Ribbon is going to the best movie of his life. Whether it is about the performance or dialogue, everything associate to his role is incredibly beautiful. Ribbon Movie Review

Not only this, but Ribbon also touches many issues like sexual assault. It makes us let know that society treats a stereotype victim. But it seems essential to mention the Ribbon miserably fails to address these above-mentioned issues in a creative way. Ribbon Movie Review

So, what’s about you? It is time to go for this movie to come across the real-life issue. Do not forget to share your views with us regarding Ribbon. It is a must movie to let know how exactly we must deal with these issues. Apart from it, this movie also leaves many issues to need to discuss. Ribbon Movie Review

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