Rock On 2 movie review

Rock On 2 movie review
Rock On 2 movie review

Mostly in Bollywood sequel of hit movie not stand on expectations. Same is happening with new released of this Friday Rock On 2. It is the sequel of 2008 RAMZAN release ROCK ON which is the surprise hit,  It is believed that movies released during RAMZAN are always flop in earning good money. Farhan Akhtar’s banner release ROCK ON broke all the myths, make good business. After Eight year, is ROCK ON 2 has that spark?

Rock On 2 movie review

Rock On 2 movie review
Rock On 2 movie review
  • Genre – Drama
  • Star Cast – Farhan Akhtar, Shraddha Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, Purab Kohli, Prachi Desai, Shashank Arora
  • Director – Shujaat Saudagar
  • Rating –  3 /5


Story of Rock ON 2 starts from the ending of ROCK ON. After died of keyboard player ROB, MAGIC band of four friend split again. Lead singer of band Aditya Shroff (Farhan Akhtar) shifted to Mehghalya. Now his only aim in life to help poor farmers of Mehgalaya. On the other side, JO (Arjun Rampal) became a rich man, he owns a famous pub and also judge music reality shows. The last member of band MAGIC, KD (Purab Kholi) light up the hope of band MAGIC, he compose the songs for peoples.Rock On 2 movie review

As all the band member are not together but this time there is no tiff between them. They are still friend, because of some reason Adi came back to Mumbai. JIYA (Shradddha Kapoor) and Udya motivates all three meet again. They all five recreated the band MAGIC, Jiya and Udaya get a chance for live performance, during the performance Jiya loose her confidence and show become disaster for them. In between all this Adi have to go Mehgalya again for helping farmer, it become the reason of tiff between Adi and Shakchi (Prachi Desai). As Adi give chance to Jiya it become the reason behind the separation between Adi, Joe and Kd. But a rock concert in Meghalaya bring all them together again. Rock On 2 movie review


Story of Rock On2 is not strong as Rock on. It is music based film but there is no song in the film that you can sing after coming out of the theater. Screenplay of first half is much faster in comparison of second half it is just because of introduction of characters. Acting of Jiya and Udya is not appealing, Jd is in same avatar as Rock On there is only change in Joe who become rich and parody too. The character of Adi memories you the character of Jhon Rambo, who leave everything and go to the calm place and came back only when he is indeed for work. This film also visualize the struggle of new comer singer and reality shows. Rock On 2 movie review

If you are want to enjoy this movie then do not compare it with Rock on. There is nothing like the friendship, love to music, and struggle of achieving something shown in Rock On. The only reason to watch this movie, if want to refresh yourself after two weeks. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go ahead and kick off a perfect weekend. And yes!!! Do not forget to share your feedback and reviews. Rock On 2 movie review

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